Workshop B :Implementing psychosocial risk management and prevention strategies in your organisation

Back by popular demand! This important workshop has sold out across the country, and has been brought back for a limited time only!

Implementing psychosocial risk management and prevention strategies in your organisation

Friday 26 May 2023

This full day workshop will run in person from 09.00 – 16.00.

This interactive and highly practical workshop is designed to assist Leaders/HR/WHS professionals to understand the importance of adopting a psychosocial risk management approach as a primary prevention strategy for creating mentally healthy workplaces. Specifically it steps participants through a structured methodology for understanding and measuring the most prevalent workplace psychosocial risk factors with a specific emphasis on best practical approaches to mitigate risk for various workplace factors. Through understanding the importance of addressing psychosocial risk in workplaces, participants will increase their confidence and competence to being able to implement real prevention strategies for their workplace to have benefits for staff wellbeing, productivity, retention and performance.


This workshop will cover:

  • Our role in supporting mentally healthy workplace cultures through holistic wellbeing strategies of prevention, intervention and recovery
  • Understanding psychosocial risk, the importance of measuring it and where it is heading from a policy and legislation perspective
  • Introduction to a practical methodology for measuring psychosocial risk
  • Illustrating the efficacy of adopting a psychosocial risk perspective for mental health prevention via a case study
  • Taking a deep dive in to effective measures and controls that can be implemented for specific psychosocial risks
  • Putting it in to Action

 About your workshop leaders:

Alexina & Nerio Baldini, Founding Co-Directors, Enable Workplace Consulting

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Alexina Baldini is a psychologist with over 30 years experience providing support to organisations and individuals involved in workplace change and adaptation. She has specialist expertise in assisting recovery from workplace trauma, providing psychological services from early intervention through to focused rehabilitation services. She also has a background in human resources and workforce development and training. Nerio Baldini has over 35 years experience in Employee and Industrial Relations across a diverse range of industries in both the Public and Private Sectors including health, policing, finance, administration, entertainment and welfare. Nerio has worked for, advised and represented government, unions and small businesses.

Supported by an outstanding team of psychologists, consultants, and social workers, Alexina and Nerio provide world-class support and advisory services for some of the largest organisations in Australia, and are perfectly suited for the incoming changes to both psychological safety regulations and practice alike.