10th Annual Psychological Health and Wellbeing Congress

Delivering best-practice leadership in psychological safety and wellness

24-25 July 2024, Sydney

There has never been a more important time to transform your strategic approach to psychological health and safety.

On its decennial anniversary, the 10th Annual Psychological Health and Wellbeing Congress has been specially designed to answer the call for a new approach to wellbeing. Over two exciting days of focused and practical insights, you will pioneer new strategies and tools, built on the reflections and experiences of Australia’s top WHS professionals.

Provide unparalleled positive mental health in the future of work, with exclusive tools and evidence-led strategies around topics such as:

  • Highlighting leaders as a driver to organisational mental health
  • Improving overall communication around psychological health and wellbeing
  • Achieving substantive buy-in and resourcing for your health and safety programs
  • Mitigating the psychosocial risks of potential bullying and harassment
  • Collaborating across the corporate structure in the new psychological safety paradigm
  • Developing a psychologically safe culture thoughtfully and effectively
  • Improving work design throughout your organisation for enhanced psychological health and wellbeing outcomes
  • Accounting for regulatory expectations and case law within your psychological safety strategy

The congress continues to attract a growing number of the highest-performing wellbeing and safety professionals. This is the most exciting year yet, welcoming industry leaders in health and wellbeing including:

  • Col. Jacqueline Costello, Commanding Psychologist, Forces Command, Australian Army
  • David Burroughs, Principal Psychologist, Australian Psychological Services, and Chief Mental Health Officer, Westpac
  • Marc McLaren, Safety Director, John Holland 
  • Chris White, Assistant Secretary Staff Health and Wellbeing, Department of Home Affairs
  • Jessica Falconer, National WHS Manager, Aware Super
  • Melanie Fisher, Global Head of Health (Mental Health and Wellbeing), BHP Billiton
  • Ann-Maree Hartley, Principal Psychologist, NSW Ambulance

…and many more!

Get the full conference agenda here.

Don’t miss this opportunity to learn from real safety professionals and leaders in Australia’s top organisations.

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We look forward to joining you on 24-25 July 2024 alongside Australia’s leading WHS professionals, as we prepare for the future of workplace psychological health and wellbeing!