About us

Intrepid – Courageous, Bold, Fearless

Intrepid Minds was established to challenge the norm of the time people spend attending events. What we aim to provide is an arena to help people go beyond the obvious when they return to work after attending one of our events.

To achieve this we have started with a blank canvas and have pulled from our combined 25 years of experience to provide our customer with what they are really looking for.


By attending one of our events we aim for our customers to have an opportunity for information, networking and learning. We want them to be inspired by what they hear and have the mind space to take this back to their work environment to use and share with their colleagues.

We want to make sure peoples time looking at new concepts is well spent, and to guarantee this happens our events will be focused in the few areas of financial markets and governance, which will ensure we have the expertise and industry contacts to deliver this to you.

Intrepid Minds is a small boutique company set up to deliver a small number of quality events each year. Our ethos is to spend more time researching and putting the event together in order to deliver the quality learning experience you are looking for.

Our aim is for you to have a uniquely positive experience with us, to ensure you keep returning to our events. We want to lead through the customer service we offer and by the quality of the events we put out. We have chosen the name Intrepid Minds to stand out from the crowd of conference organisers so that you will remember us and recognise the quality you get from our brand.
We know that your time is valuable and are committed to ensuring your time at our conferences and training is well spent.

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