6th Annual Executive Assistant Congress Sydney

Be inspired, empowered and enabled to thrive in your career

31 July- 1 August 2024, Watersedge, Sydney

The 6th Annual Executive Assistant Congress has been developed at a crucial time for EAs, where professional development and learning can make you shine more than ever before.

Uncertain times require decisive leadership, and the evolving role of modern EAs is not only to support leadership, but often to provide it.

This programme has been tailored to provide personal and collaborative skills to EAs, which will transform the way you and your executive work. These practical tips will be the difference between blending in and being bold; now, and through wherever your career takes you.

Hear from the experts and the people ‘getting their hands dirty’:

  • Developing relationships to expand your professional network
  • Becoming a strategic partner to your executives, leading your team to success
  • Future-proofing your career by preparing for the workplaces of tomorrow and embracing technological innovation to enhance your readiness for the future
  • Capitalising your use of Microsoft Suite to enhance your efficiency and teamwork
  • Delegating tasks to create more time for your tasks and share information with those less experienced, enhancing their development
  • Identifying opportunities to refine your expertise and see your career flourish
  • Leveraging your skills in project management to open more career opportunities
  • Boosting your confidence by learning and practising self-empowerment
  • Setting yourself apart by understanding the value of what you bring to the table

And much more! Click here for the full agenda.

This congress series is receiving rave reviews from delegates across Australia and is designed to inspire, empower, and enable you to grow in your career. See what our recent Melbourne delegates have said below!

“All the speakers were very engaging.  I have learnt so many things that help me excel as an EA, I am looking forward to putting it all in practice.” – Leisha Anderson, EA, Australian Taxation Office

“… It has given me confidence in my role as an EA and the influence we can have within an organisation.  Also, the other potential career progressions from being an EA.” – Haylee O’Shea, EA, Nabenet

“There are so many interesting speakers with lots of nuggets of wisdom that are practical and measurable.  There are lots of learnings and amazing stories from other EAs.” – Jen Harker, EA, Peak Performance Development

“My first conference, thoroughly enjoyed all the speakers and having the two days, rather than one day. The networking opportunities were extremely valuable.” – Lisa Derndorfer, EA to Special Manager, Office of the Special Manager – DJCS

“The content, the topics and the chances to interact and network were wonderful.  Great job, Dream Team.” – Dee Peterson, EA to Executive Manager Public Affairs, City of Whittlesea

“I learned some valuable skills and it changed my outlook on how valuable my role is.  My perception has changed and I am more motivated to own my role and make my mark.” – Sarah Menzie, EA to Mayor and Councillors, Merri-Bek City Council

“… it has inspired me for my role now and the future of my role.” – Kayla Morgan Jones, EA, Cora Group

Don’t miss this chance to stand out and succeed in your role.

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