Workshop B: Managing hazards as a foundation for good work design

Managing hazards as a foundation for good work design

Friday 22 November 2024     13.00-16.00

Good work design has significant positive impacts across all functions of the business. For this reason, it is particularly important that work design is implemented strategically. To maximise the benefit and minimise the risks of changes to the design of work, organisations must identify the opportunities and pain points in which good work design can be achieved.

This workshop will show you how all participants within the design of good work can learn from hazard and risk management principles, ensuring that changes are effective, safe, and productive. It focuses on effective strategies to implement work design within an organisation, based on job design strategies developed over decades of research in organisational psychology, wellbeing and safety studies, and best-practice industrial initiatives. Led by a subject matter expert on the cutting edge of work design, this workshop is perfect for professionals across HR, WHS, L&D, and risk management, providing practical strategies for strategic work design, including:

  • Applying hazard management and job demands resources tools to work design
  • Targeting business areas for redesign based on comparative risks and opportunities
  • Mitigating the risk of counterproductive work design
  • Utilising work design for positive mental and physical health outcomes
  • Preventing serious disengagement, conflict, and injury using good work design
  • Bridging perspectives between business functions for proactive design strategies
  • Determining opportunities and limitations for scalability in work design
  • Developing your network with fellow leaders in Australia’s top organisations

Good work design relies on thoughtful implementation and engagement from across the business. It is vital that work design projects are founded on mitigating key hazards, and are conscious of the effects of one business unit on those around it.

Join now, and avoid the realised risks of poor work design!