Infrastructure Investment Australia Summit draft agenda

Draft agenda


  1. Identifying potential opportunities through privatisation
  • Understanding the market conditions for privatisation
  • What asset privatisation of infrastructure might investors see in the near future?
  • Forecasting opportunities for private participation in upcoming infrastructure projects
  • Assessing the success of public private partnerships

Government speaker to be announced soon

  1. Panel discussion: Finding quality assets at a reasonable price
  • Understanding the supply and demand dynamics that are affecting infrastructure valuations
  • How can investors access good infrastructure deals at appropriate valuations?
  • How do fund managers add value when it comes to deal access?
  • Evaluating whether the returns justify the risks at current valuations
  • Should investors be looking to move up the risk spectrum to achieve returns?

Adrian Best, Head of Infrastructure, Victorian Funds Management Corporation

Alexandra Campbell, Senior Investment Director – Infrastructure, Australian Super

Diana Callebut, Head of Infrastructure, Cbus

Mark Murray, Principal, Mercer


  1. Assessing opportunities in Australia’s renewable energy sector
  • Analysing the current market for renewables in Australia
  • Understanding the regulatory environment
  • Evaluating the risk / reward spectrum
  • Identifying sustainable investment opportunities in the renewable market


  1. Investment opportunities in the growing offshore renewables market
  • Exploring the rapid growth in the renewable energy sector
  • Identifying the best investment opportunities
  • Understanding the cost and pricing dynamics in energy markets
  • Assessing the impact of technological developments on renewables

Speaker to be confirmed


  1. Panel discussion: Asset management strategies for infrastructure portfolios
  • Exploring management approaches for core and non-core assets
  • Maximising value and returns through asset management innovation
  • Building internal resource capacity vs using external asset managers
  • Selecting the best managers to achieve your investment objectives
  • Monitoring investments and tracking risk characteristics and expected cash flows

Sandra Lee, Manager, Private Markets, UniSuper

Dimitra Voutas, Manager, Unlisted Assets, Suncorp

Isabelle Demir, Head of Real Assets, Frontier Advisors


  1. Panel discussion: Structuring a diversified infrastructure portfolio
  • Setting out the objectives of infrastructure within a wider asset allocation strategy
  • Getting the right resources to implement your strategy
  • Assessing the relative merits of listed and unlisted infrastructure
  • Identifying opportunities for diversification through offshore investments
  • Ensuring your risks align with your objectives


Justin Ginnivan, Director, Infrastructure and Timberlands, Future Fund

Claire Simpson, Co-Head of Infrastructure Research, JANA


  1. Panel discussion: Incorporating the benefits of ESG factors into infrastructure investment
  • Understanding the drivers for an increased focus on ESG
  • Aligning capital with responsible stewardship of assets
  • To what extent do ESG factors impact risk and returns?
  • How do you measure ESG and understand the impact of sustainability on investments?
  • What are the implications and risks of failing to implement ESG on infrastructure investments?


Liza McDonald, Head of Responsible Investment, First State Super

Danielle Welsh-Rose, Head of ESG, Victorian Funds Management Corporation

Mary Fallon, Director Investment Office, ANU Investment Office

Guy Rundle, Investment Manager, LGIA Super


  1. Successfully navigating the complexities of greenfield infrastructure projects
  • Balancing the risk and returns associated with greenfield investments
  • What are the key challenges to success with greenfield investments?
  • Why do so many greenfield infrastructure projects exceed budgets and blow out time frames?
  • Selecting the right partners to ensure success

Andy Matthews, Head of Greenfield Infrastructure,InfraCapital


  1. Exploring opportunities in infrastructure debt markets
  • Defining debt infrastructure markets
  • Establishing the case for private debt markets
  • Identifying the investment position for institutional investors
  • Managing the project and income risks associated with debt markets

Macquarie Infrastructure and Real Assets

  1. Evaluating the case for emerging market infrastructure
  • Understanding the risk and return balance for emerging markets
  • Where do the best opportunities lie, and which markets should be avoided?
  • Mitigating the key risks associated with emerging markets
  • Selecting the right partners when investing in emerging markets


  1. Infrastructure in the US: Opportunities and challenges
  • Addressing the projected shortfall of infrastructure in the US: Where are the opportunities for investment?
  • Assessing the pricing and returns of US infrastructure deals
  • Working in the American market: Infrastructure at the federal and municipality levels
  • Risk and regulation under the Trump administration and the implications for direct investment
  1. Investing in data centres to achieve high, infrastructure like returns
  • Overview of the global data centre market
  • Understanding the drivers for growth in data centres
  • Comparing data centre returns with infrastructure and real estate
  • Ensuring income protection in data centres