Workshop A: Implementing good work design practices in your organisational business-as-usual

Implementing good work design practices in your organisational business-as-usual

Friday 22 November 09.00-12.00

Work design is an undeniably important element of organisational success. Those organisations which have achieved this success have done so with participation and engagement from multiple areas of their organisation – buy-in from across the workforce is a substantial predictor of a successful work design initiative.

This workshop investigates the key factors necessary for a work design initiative to create positive outcomes within an organisation. Led by a senior leader in effective work design, you will learn practical steps and evidence-led strategies to ensure that even the most ambitious work design changes can be implemented and sustained within your workforce, with key considerations including:

  • Communicating the importance of work design accessibly across your organisation
  • Situating managers and supervisors to maintain key work design strategies
  • Collaborating effectively with key business functions for a consistent organisational approach to work design
  • Achieving enthusiastic buy-in from senior decision makers on work design projects
  • Leveraging existing policy, programs, and practices to improve work design unobtrusively
  • Ensuring continuous improvement and review of work design strategies
  • Seeking constructive feedback on work design projects from your teams
  • Networking with other senior professionals from major organisations

Work design is a vital consideration for the workplaces of the future – it cannot be a box-checking exercise. Good work design must be developed and sustained across your organisation.

Join now, before space runs out! Support your teams to reach new levels of organisational achievement!