Workshop B: Data-empowered risk management in the public sector

Friday 10 May 2024


Mastering data governance for risk managers in the public sector

Dr. Gavriel Schneider, Chief Executive Officer, Risk 2 Solution

Leveraging Data-Empowered Risk Management in the Public Sector

In an era where information and data are incredibly valuable to empowered decision making, we need to learn how to harness these aspects for great outcomes. In addition, cyber risk currently escalates daily, leading to a surge in ransomware and related cyber-attacks, the imperative for robust risk management strategies is paramount. This session, led by Dr. Gav Schneider, RMIA’s Risk Leader of the Year 2022/23 and Risk Consultant of the Year 2019/2020, will dive into the complexities and critical importance of collecting, refining, protecting, and storing data within the public sector. Dr. Schneider will also unpack how leveraging data effectively can significantly enhance risk management outcomes.


Session Highlights:

  • Understanding the Landscape: With an increase in cyber threats, the session will explore the current landscape of cyber risk, highlighting the necessity of advanced risk management strategies to safeguard data integrity.
  • Integrating both qualitative and quantitative Data with Risk Management: Participants will gain insights into how data can be harnessed to predict, mitigate, and respond to risks effectively, ensuring that risk management strategies are not only proactive but also predictive.
  • Navigating Interconnected Risks: The session will address the challenges posed by our hyper-connected systems, where supply chain, reputational, security, and psychosocial risks intersect with data and privacy concerns. Dr. Schneider will guide attendees through the complexities of managing these intertwined risks.
  • Practical Tools and Models: Offering actionable knowledge, this session will introduce practical models and reference tools. These resources are designed to aid individuals and organizations in charting a successful path through the intricate web of public sector risk management


  • Key Themes:
    • Risk Management and Data: Delve into the symbiotic relationship between risk management and data, understanding how data serves as both a tool and a target in the public sector.
    • Privacy Considerations: Explore the critical balance between leveraging data for risk management and maintaining privacy and data protection standards.
    • The CIA Triangle: Examine the importance of Confidentiality, Integrity, and Availability in the context of risk management and how these principles guide data protection strategies.
    • Human Decision-Making: Discuss the role of human decision-making in risk management, highlighting how cognitive biases and decision-making processes affect risk outcomes.
    • Resilience, Data, and Privacy: Understand how resilience practices can fortify data privacy measures, enhancing an organization’s ability to withstand and recover from breaches.
    • Response Strategies: Learn about effective risk activity and response tactics for managing and mitigating the impact of data breaches, both during and after an incident.


This session is tailored for professionals in the public sector seeking to elevate their risk management capabilities in the face of evolving digital threats. Through Dr. Schneider’s expert insights and practical guidance, attendees will be equipped with the knowledge and tools necessary to navigate the complexities of data-empowered risk management, enhancing both individual and organizational resilience, presilience© and risk intelligence.

Dr Gavriel (Gav) Schneider is a leader in the field of human based risk management and the psychology of risk. He is the creator of the concept of Presilience which enabled his business to be recognised as among Australia’s most innovative companies in the prestigious AFR innovation awards 2021. Dr Gav has conducted business in over 17 countries and provided a wide range of services for a diverse client base. He is also acknowledged as a leading academic in his field and in his spare time serves as Director of the Post Graduate Psychology of Risk program at the Australian Catholic University (ACU) and a senior researcher for the Australian Security Research Centre (ASRC).

Dr Gav is a highly experienced subject matter expert, specialist and executive. He is the CEO of the Risk 2 Solution group of companies (R2S) – Australia’s most awarded cyber and physical integrated risk business. R2S focuses on delivering innovative and cutting-edge solutions in the Risk, Resilience, Cyber, Intelligence, Safety, Security, Medical and Emergency response fields.