Public Sector Learning & Development Congress

Public Sector Learning & Development Congress

Delivering long-term L&D outcomes in the public sector
9-10 November 2022, Melbourne


Intrepid Minds is proud to present our inaugural Public Sector Learning & Development Congress.

Featuring fascinating international and Australian L&D leaders and a focus on award-winning programs across all levels of the Australian public sector, this conference is designed to deliver what you want: maximum long-term learning outcomes, no fluff.

During our extensive research with L&D practitioners, one thing became clear: your time is valuable and your work demands results. With this in mind, we have developed a compact, outcome-focused program that addresses the core concerns and challenges facing modern L&D practitioners and offers strategic solutions and practical insights.

Like you, we know that any learning that is not implemented is wasted. To better enable you to develop and follow through on your professional goals at this event and long after, this congress has in-built opportunities to reflect and strategise. Maximise your takeaways through facilitated peer-to-peer planning via our specialised roundtable session and gain a professional network that keeps you accountable.

Join our speakers as they share their expertise and strategies for: 

  • Developing and maintaining high performing teams under pressure

  • Strengthening crucial leadership skills in unpredictable times

  • 70-20-10 at NASA: Taking a holistic approach to talent development in the workplace

  • Demonstrating the value of L&D initiatives to your executive leaders

  • Going beyond compliance training to active engagement

  • Building trust with line managers by delivering quantifiable training results

  • Implementing robust and effective strategies to engage new talent

  • Collaborating across stakeholders to achieve your organisation’s vision in an uncertain future

  • Implementing innovative and effective cultural education awareness programs

  • Navigating the challenges and opportunities of hybrid learning

  • Tailoring new and niche technology to meet your team’s needs

  • Utilising data and analytics to improve long-term internal development

  • Realising your ideal workplace culture in strategic, practical steps

Now is the best time to ask: What do I want to improve in my organisation?—and leave this conference with the plan you need to make it happen.

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