Public Sector Executive Assistant Congress 2023

8th Annual Public Sector Executive Assistant Congress

Canberra, 1-2 November 2023

Be inspired, enabled and empowered in your career

The 8th Annual Public Sector Executive Assistant Congress comes at a transformative moment for every Australian Government organisation, with unprecedented opportunities for administrative professionals.

Executive Assistants continue to face new challenges and additional responsibilities, with the fast-paced transformation of working arrangements, leadership, and career mobility. These kinds of challenges can just as easily become opportunities, and Australia’s best EAs are already leveraging their skills to energise their professional lives.

This programme has been specially designed to equip all EAs, both new and senior, with practical skills and inspiring insights from thought-leaders and administrative professionals across the country, providing you with the tools required to take your public sector career to the next level!

Australia’s premiere EAs, senior executives, and seasoned experts will provide crucial support as you race towards your next life-changing milestone, with sessions including:

  • Succeeding as a modern EA in a rapidly changing public sector
  • Collaborating strategically with multiple stakeholders
  • Standing out as an exceptional EA, with advice from leading senior executives
  • Communicating effectively and constructively in every professional scenario
  • Utilising new technology to power-up your workflow and performance
  • Thriving in a particularly difficult time for mental wellbeing
  • Exploring the many avenues for professional EAs – business partner, project manager, senior EA, or something else!

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Some of the outstanding feedback we received from our previous events:


“It was so empowering and motivating. I had heard good things about the conference, but it was even better than my expectations. Truly valuable tips and advice that I can’t wait to take back to the office. Highly recommend every EA attend this conference. I wish I had these tips earlier in my EA career.”

– Cassie Gibson, EA, Crawford School of Public Policy, ANU


“I am empowered, enthusiastic and engaged! Seriously a great conference, Everyone has said it was the best ever and not like any other they have attended. I am excited to take back to work what I have learnt and look forward to the next congress.”

– Penny Hughes, Executive Assistant, Department of Defence


It was filled with tips and ideas to improve my effectiveness in my role and as an asset in the organisation I work with. I think I will be a better EA to my executive due to my attendance at this conference.”

– Diana Plenderleith, Executive Assistant, Court Services VIC


“It was a fantastic chance to network and meet up with so many other EA’s in similar roles, get great advice and share problems. The content of the presenters was excellent and very relevant to the audience.”

– Hazel Neville, Executive Assistant, Campbelltown City Council

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