Executive Assistant Congress Perth


Be inspired, empowered and enabled to thrive in your career

29-30 May 2024, Perth

After 10 years of delivering outstanding conferences to Executive Assistants, we are pleased to announce that we will finally heading to Western Australia for the Inaugural Executive Assistant Congress – Perth . This conference has been developed at a crucial time for EAs, where professional development and learning can make you shine more than ever before.

Uncertain times require decisive leadership, and the evolving role of modern EAs is not only to support leadership, but often to provide it.

This programme has been tailored to provide personal and collaborative skills to EAs, which will transform the way you and your executive work. These practical tips will be the difference between blending in and being bold; now, and through wherever your career takes you.

Australia’s premiere EAs, senior executives, and seasoned experts will help you become your best self, with sessions including:

  • Mastering the art of time management and achieve your goals
  • Connecting with your executive and team by ‘speaking their language’
  • Developing your skills strategically with advice from senior executives
  • Making enough time to work, to rest, to laugh, and to love, in harmony
  • Work smart with Microsoft Teams, and make technology work for you
  • Become your executive’s greatest asset with confidence and communication
  • Dreaming big about the future career that you deserve, and the road to lead you there


Click here for the draft agenda and learn how you can be more than “just an EA”!


Some outstanding feedback from EAs at our previous congresses:

  • “I thought this was one of the best EA Conferences I’ve been to. It was the right size and the content was really relevant! The MC was also great and ran the discussions well.” – Kaye Mercer, Executive Assistant, Alumina


  • “Topics were very valuable. I met some great colleagues and I got a mentee, which I am really looking forward to assisting! Great job!”

– Jen Sharrock, Executive Assistant, Coca-Cola Amatil


  • “The Intrepid Minds Congress is the best EA event I have been to this year: the content was super relevant for EAs, it was delivered well, the presentations were a high quality and the presenters were engaging – fantastic!”

– Jessica Zdanowicz, Executive Assistant, Department of Veteran’s Affairs


  • “Best EA conference I’ve been to!” – Lynda Beaumont, Executive Assistant, NDIA


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