Workshop B: Writing influentially as the organisation’s voice at all management levels – Perth


Friday 31 May 2024, 1.00 to 4.00 pm

Writing influentially comes from working closely with your executive.  Understanding how your executive communicate enables you to pitch your writing to their intended audience on their behalf.  Becoming highly proficient in such communication can take time.  Learn the shortcuts. 

This workshop will hone your approach to communication by adopting tested and proven strategies and techniques:

  • Define precisely the purpose of writing.
  • Express complex ideas clearly.
  • Increase the readability of text.
  • Control ideas in sentences and paragraphs.
  • Develop a list of words or phrases that shouldn’t appear in text.
  • Structure content to suit the needs of readers.
  • Follow your Executive’s style.
  • Minimise errors in text.

Don’t miss this opportunity to learn ‘the language’ of senior executives and improve your communication using these proven techniques to enhance your value as a highly influential organisational member, transforming your supportive work as a master EA.

About your workshop leader

Sarah Mitchell is the founder and director of Typeset Content and Global Copywriting. She helps organisations all over the world communicate more effectively through writing. Her own writing has been published in six countries and received numerous awards. Sarah provides copywriting, ghostwriting and editing services. She has a special interest in technology, engineering, aged care, and local government.

At Typeset, Sarah spearheaded two global State of Writing research reports into writing effectiveness. She believes good writing is a business asset and is interested in helping people learn how to communicate more effectively in their own writing. When she’s not immersed in copywriting or corporate communications, Sarah conducts messaging and writing workshops to support her mission to make the world a better place for readers everywhere. 

Sarah Mitchell, Founder and Director, Typeset Content