8th Annual Risk Management in Government Agenda

Wednesday 8 May – Day One

8.30 Registration

9.00 Opening remarks from the Chair

9.10 Distinguished International Keynote: The evolution of risk management in UK Government Departments from 2004 to the present day

  • Looking back on lessons learned from 20 years in strategic risk management roles with three major UK government departments
  • Weaving in insights from 10 years as Chair of the UK Cross-Whitehall Risk Improvement Group
  • Assessing behaviours during crises of Departmental Boards, Executive Committees, and Risk/Audit Committees
  • Actioning and reviewing successes with Ministers and Director Generals

Trevor Marchant, Former Chair of the UK Cross-Government Risk Improvement Group and UK Government Department Risk Lead


10.10 Transforming risk practice in complex environments

  • Weaving risk into all organisational activities, projects and decisions
  • Journeying past traditional approaches to risk
  • Demystifying and adapting to change processes
  • Strengthening capability and accountability for risk in huge organisations

David Sutherland, Principal Advisor Internal Audit, Vice Chief Defence Force, New Zealand Defence Force


11.00 Morning coffee


11.30 Managing cybersecurity risks in a dynamic threat landscape

  • Insulating systems and their users from cybersecurity risks
  • Safeguarding user and organisational data
  • Addressing gaps in defences to enhance user safety
  • Recuperating and limiting fallout when breaches occur

Jacqueline Barr, Assistant Director-General Technical Threats and Visibility, Australian Cybersecurity Centre


12.20 Influencing your leaders to support and take accountability for risk management

  • Introducing risk management processes and tools to your executives
  • Communicating complex risks clearly and concisely
  • Building awareness and capacity of risks with executive leaders
  • Cultivating your network of risk professionals to learn and share with one another

Narelle Smith, A/g First Assistant Secretary Integrity and Assurance Division, Department of Health and Aged Care


13.10 Lunch


14.10 Championing risk as a decision-making tool to enhance your strategic vision

  • Weaving risk responsibilities into your organisational tapestry
  • Automating risk management principles into strategic decision-making
  • Enhancing organisational and societal outcomes through strategic risk management
  • Utilising risk as a value-adding function of your organisation

Catherine Ellis, Executive Director Risk, Strategy and Customer Support, Service NSW


15.00 Comparing risk management approaches in the private and public sector

  • Exploring private vs public sector risk profiles – differences and similarities
  • Making your risk function relevant to money-makers, project experts, and community initiatives
  • Communicating the value-add of risk management to diverse stakeholders
  • Highlighting best practice from private sector examples

Gavin Dyche, Risk and Business Continuity Manager, Asahi Beverages


15.50 Afternoon tea


16.20 Communicating clearly and compellingly so risk resonates

  • Tailoring communication about risk to diverse stakeholders
  • Utilising data visualisation to enhance your audience’s understanding
  • Providing teams with actionable insights to make risk-informed decisions
  • Balancing transparency and confidentiality in risk communication

Kristy Watts, Director Corporate and Community, Strathfield Council


17:00 End of Conference Day One and Networking drinks


Thursday 9 May – Day Two

9.00 Virtual keynote – Exploring the US Central Intelligence Agency’s approach to risk management of Artificial Intelligence

  • Risk management in using AI in Government
  • Increasing the AI skills landscape across the organization
  • Democratizing AI across the organization
  • Understanding the global threat from adversaries’ use of AI

Lakshmi Raman, Director of Artificial Intelligence, US Central Intelligence Agency


9.40 Assessing and responding to climate risk and opportunity

  • Understanding the climate and disaster risk institutional landscape
  • The nature of climate and disaster risk – uncertainty, complexity, and contestation
  • Integrated hybrid approaches to risk and opportunity assessment
  • Adapting t oa changing climate – understanding risk and taking action

Paul Box, Social Architecture Science Lead, Commonwealth Scientific and Industrial Research Organisation – Land and Water


10.20 Morning coffee


10.50 Safeguarding against future and unanticipated risk events

  • Forecasting risk and managing responses with foresight
  • Recognising uncertain risks when monitoring organisational data
  • Responding to anomalies through proactive investigation
  • Implementing controls to avert undesirable outcomes

Karmin Van Groesen, Chief Risk Officer, Australian Taxation Office


11.30 Prioritising sustainability in supply chain risk management

  • Managing risk in complex stakeholder networks
  • Building sustainability into contracted service delivery
  • Managing compliance within complex service delivery standards
  • Balancing risk management and stakeholder expectations

Gerry Buchanan, Senior Manager Strategy and Governance, Toyota Australia


12.15 Risk and Reward: Responsible AI in the Public Sector

  • Establishing the context around the development and mechanisms driving frontier AI
  • Comparing governance frameworks for frontier AI and prosaic AI
  • Providing assurance for executives and boards that AI is responsibly deployed
  • Developing a risk management system to review, track and manage AI risks

Christopher Leong, Co-Founder, AI Safety Australia and New Zealand

James Gauci, Founder and Chief Executive Officer, Ethe


13.00 Lunch


13.50 Understanding and implementing successful risk appetite

  • Defining risk appetite in public sector contexts
  • Constructing risk appetite statements
  • Improving, adjusting, and monitoring your risk appetite
  • Exploring cases of effective risk appetite implementation

Nisha Padmanabhan, Chief Risk Officer, University of Sydney


14.30 Leading high-performing risk teams with Presilience, Resilience and the Psychology of Risk

  • Emerging developments and changes in the world of risk management
  • Intersecting compliance, risk and resilience to create great outcomes
  • Defining and building risk intelligence
  • Considering integrated vs enterprise risk – what works

Dr Gavriel Schneider, Chief Executive Officer and Principal Consultant, Risk 2 Solution Group


15.10 Afternoon tea


15.40 Developing risk culture to enhance strategic objectives

  • Sharing accountability for risk management processes and outcomes
  • Securing commitment from the highest levels of management
  • Defining responsibilities and expectations for teams and individuals
  • Obtaining feedback on risk management processes

Andrew Holt, Executive General Manager, Performance, Risk and Strategy, Transport Accident Commission Victoria


16.20 Innovating risk management to reflect contemporary values

  • Transforming risk practitioners into thought leaders
  • Creating agile and proactive risk management teams
  • Troubleshooting culture issues to ensure recognition of risk
  • Discussing frameworks and approaches with great results

Maria Ross, Senior Manager Governance and Legal, Lifetime Support South Australia


17:00 End of day two