Workshop B: Using risk visualisation to create constructive risk reporting

Post-conference workshops Friday 26th March 2021

Please note the this workshop will be run online from the UK

Using risk visualisation to create constructive risk reporting

Workshop B: 13.00-16.00

Risk visualisation consisting of interconnected strategic risk maps provides accurate and timely information to decision makers in a very visual and interactive way. It reveals the bigger picture of risk vulnerabilities and single points of failure across organisational silos which helps senior executives and board members challenge priorities more effectively in order to achieve organisational objectives.

This workshop will delve into practical strategies to uplift your risk management programs and influence your senior executives to embrace and recognise the value of risk with this award winning risk visualisation approach.

  • Designing effective risk maps bespoke to your organisation/department
  • Understanding the different types of connections between risks and their implications
  • Tailoring your risk visualisation to different audiences to tell a story or gain insight
  • Making effective and better strategic decisions

About your workshop leader:

Nico Lategan, Head of Enterprise Risk, Transport for London

Nico Lategan is the Head of Group Enterprise Risk at Transport for London.  He pioneered the concept of using risk visualisation (interactive interconnected strategic risk maps) as a decision making tool in executive committee meetings and an assurance tool at board meetings.  Nico is passionate about supporting the private and public sectors in managing risks in between and across organisational boundaries