Workshop B: Mindfulness: How to get some freedom from your busy head

Workshop B: Mindfulness: How to get some freedom from your busy head

Friday  18 August: 1pm – 4pm

Stop for a moment. What are you thinking? Are you worrying about something that happened yesterday? Feel like you’re juggling a million things and stressing over meeting competing deadlines? Stress and pressure is a common side effect of a busy professional life. Responding to the demands of modern life, family, and work is a constant challenge.

 “When you learn how to get out of your own way – you can create the kind of life you want.”

Mindfulness is the art of learning how to focus your attention, to be more present and to better manage your responses. The benefits of mindfulness are mind-blowing (pun intended). Not just for your physical and emotional health, but to powerfully reconnect you with your work, life, and the people in it.

Using humour and flair, this workshop covers:

  • Understanding the impact of being constantly busy
  • Explores some of the science about how mindfulness it works and debunks common misconceptions
  • Outlines the many benefits for your general health and well-being
  • Tips and tools: provides a range of a simple effective formal and informal practices to take mindfulness out of the closet and into the workplace
  • Designing a personal mindfulness strategy which works! (how to incorporate short practices into your daily routine)

About your workshop leader: Kerene Strochnetter, Mindfulness Consultant, Leader Coach, KS Coaching and Consulting

Kerene is on a mission to make the M-words cool (Mindfulness and Meditation).

With an extensive background in health, education, coaching and consulting, she is perfectly positioned to explain how mindfulness can turn your life around (without needing to leave home, wear any weird clothes, or join a monastery).

Kerene runs her own business (KS Coaching and Consulting Ltd.). She coaches busy professional people, who despite their success, still feel overwhelmed and under-fulfilled. She also runs 8 week ‘My Off Switch’ group mindfulness programmes, for organisations and businesses who want their people to function at their best, lead from strong values, and be as on-game as possible.