Workshop A: Using available data to identify corruption red flags and prioritise your efforts.

 09.00 – 12.00 Friday 20 November

This workshop will cut through the data hype and use case studies to demonstrate the untapped potential of data to help focus your corruption risk targeting. It will show you how to use data to focus anti-corruption priorities, use resources efficiently and use data for greater impact.

The workshop will use data analysis case studies to:

  • Help you identify high value datasets, where to find them and why they are useful
  • Demonstrate how you can use corruption risk data to zone in on specific corruption risks
  • Highlight the importance of appropriate data visualisations that are compelling and isolate the specific corruption risk
  • How you can combine corruption risk indicators over time to help prioritise your focus and use resources efficiently.


About your workshop leaders:

Conor McGarrity, Director, Risk Insights

Conor has more than 20 years’ experience in public sector investigations, governance and risk management. This includes involvement in Commissions of Inquiry, fraud and corruption control investigations, legislative reviews and efficiency and effectiveness audits.

He has worked in anti-corruption in the public and private sectors across state and Commonwealth agencies, and has led teams on high-profile, wide-ranging and sensitive public interest Inquiries. His current work includes helping regulatory and investigative agencies use data to better target their limited resources and maximise their impact.

Yusuf Moolla, Director, Risk Insights

Yusuf has over 20 years’ experience, including professional services firms in Australia, Singapore, South Africa and the United Kingdom. Yusuf’s experience includes leading data analysis engagements in various countries for major accounting firms:

  • Deloitte (Australia)
  • KPMG (Australia)
  • Deloitte (United Kingdom, South Africa)


Yusuf previously led the QLD Risk Analytics practice of a global professional services organisation and has worked on numerous financial crime projects (e.g. AML).