WHS Law Seminar

5th Annual Workplace Health and Safety Law Seminar

Canberra 9th November, Melbourne / Virtual 17th November, Sydney 24th November

The 5th Annual Workplace Health and Safety Law seminar is specifically designed and tailored for employers to keep up to date with legislative changes and development to fulfil your WHS obligations, reduce workplace claims and build a healthier workplace.

The COVID-19 pandemic has created a significant set of new challenges for WHS managers across Australia in order to keep workforces safe. As employers and regulators become more accustomed to some of these changes, they must also look at the some of the serious legal risk and liabilities that they face.

This comprehensive program, held in Melbourne, Canberra and Sydney will enable you to gain exclusive insights from leading law firms and industry leaders on recent cases, current issues and key challenges in the workplace health and safety landscape.

Join the nation’s leading minds in WHS who will delve deep into:

  • Regulator’s insights into employers’ responsibilities and best practices responding to COVID-19 pandemic
  • Streamlining return to work in a post COVID-19 world
  • Navigating safety precautions with working from home
  • Managing psychosocial risk factors and supporting for mental health in the workplace
  • Managing return to work processes in psychological injury claims
  • Understanding “reasonably practicable” to reduce health and safety risks
  • Exploring cases in industrial manslaughter and individual liability
  • Reviewing and monitoring WHS compliance

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Join us to learn from and networking with industry leaders and knowledgeable practitioners.

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