Asset Allocation Australia Summit agenda

Sydney, Thursday 8  March 2018


8.30 Registration
9.00 Opening remarks from the chair

The Aussie dollar – When the forward points turn positive

  • If the AUD downtrend is over, what does that mean for international investing?
  • Key currency drivers have changed: paradigm shift of temporary aberration?
  • Is Australia’s and the AUD’s link with Asia’s emerging markets weakening?
  • If Trump starts a trade war, what does the mean for Australia?
  Ray Attrill, Head of FX Research, NAB

Panel discussion: Navigating decision making strategies and styles to achieve optimal asset allocation

  • Making effective decisions on portfolio allocation
  • Collaborating with your team for best outcomes
  • Overcoming challenges to achieve long-term objectives
  • Balancing In-house investment team v.s. external managersAdvice for your portfolio managers

Brad Holzberger, Chief Investment Officer, Qsuper

Richard Hedley, Chief Investment Officer, State Super

Ian Patrick, Chief Investment Officer, Sunsuper

Bill Watson, Chief Executive Officer, First Super

10.25 Morning Tea

As you look at your currency hedge in 2018, what are the 5 things you should be considering?


Stuart Simmons, Senior Portfolio Manager, Global Liquid Strategies, QIC


Exploring opportunities in private debt market

  • Understanding the drivers of increased private debt opportunities?
  • Does private debt offer higher risk adjusted returns?
  • Getting access to the right private debt deals
  • Measuring and managing the risks in private debt

Tim Rathbun, Director Illiquid Credit,  NAB     &

Ross Pritchard, Portfolio Manager, Credit Income, First State Super


Panel discussion: Incorporating risk into investment decision making

  • Strengthening the risk element within your investment process
  • Do you need a specialist investment risk function and staff?
  • What skills, resources and infrastructure is required?
  • Aligning portfolio risk levels with client risk profiles and tolerances
  • Analysing risk-return profiles of different asset classes
  • What is risk budgeting and where does the investment risk function add most value?

Ben Palmer, General Manager Investments, GESB Super

Gary Gabriel, General Manager Portfolio Strategy and Risk, HESTA

Mary Fallon, Director Investment Office, The Australian National University

Stephanie Weston, Investment Management Director, Genworth

Viktor Svatek, Director of Investment Risk, Future Fund

12.30 Lunch

Measuring performance and the effectiveness of your investment decisions

  • Exploring methodologies for performance measurement
  • Using ongoing performance measurement to improve portfolio management
  • Measuring long term performance
  • Are peer return based league tables such as Super Ratings, Rainmaker and Chant West a source of structural risk in our super industry

Brad Holzberger, Chief Investment Officer, Qsuper


Panel discussion: Utilising dynamic asset allocation to achieve investment expectations

  • Adjusting your portfolio to respond to market conditions
  • Rebalancing portfolio to achieve long-term objectives
  • Discussing evidence of success from dynamic asset allocation processes
  • Is strategic asset allocation still relevant in the current environment?

Brendan Casey, General Manager, Investments, REST Industry Super

Steven Milch, Chief Economist; Executive Manager, Investment Research and Economics, Suncorp

Tim Ridley, Portfolio Head, Asset Allocation, Cbus

Troy Rieck, Executive Officer, Investment Stategy, Equisuper


Afternoon Tea

 15.30 Embracing innovation – machine learning and its application in asset allocation
  • Developing a in-house machine learning program
  • Using data science techniques and machine learning models
  • How does it assist investment decision making?

Charles Wu, General Manager Asset Allocation, State Super


Panel discussion: Adopting a diversified portfolio that suits your fund

  • What degree of diversification should you go?
  • Discussing diversification on multiple levels including asset classes, risk factors, managers and individual investments
  • Finding diversified investment options in a challenging market environment
  • Using diversification to construct more robust portfolios

David Bell, Chief Investment Officer, Mine Wealth + Wellbeing

Craig Turnbull, Chief Investment Officer, Local Government Super

David O’Sullivan, Chief Investment Officer, BUSSQ

Zoe McHugh, Portfolio Manager, First State Super

 17.00 Closing remarks from the Chair
17.10 Drinks reception