2019 Asset Allocation Australia Summit agenda

Sydney, Thursday 7 March 2019


8.00 Registration
8.30 Opening remarks from the chair

The US-China trade war and the global market outlook

  • The impact of the trade war on the global markets
  • How Australia is affected by the US-China trade policies
  • Achieving effective portfolio diversification and downside protection when volatility is increased
  • Implications for global equity and bond markets
  Brian Redican, Chief Economist, NSW Treasury Corporation

Panel discussion: Is recession coming our way?

  • Overview and forecast for the next financial crisis
  • Analysing potential causes for recession and lessons learned from the past
  • Structuring and positioning portfolios in preparation for the hit
  • Are we too concerned about an upcoming crisis?

Ivan Colhoun, Head of Market Research, NAB

Katie Dean, Senior Fixed Income Strategist, Australian Super

Brian Redican, Chief Economist, NSW Treasury Corporation

Stephen Anthony, Chief Economist, Australian Industry Super


Strategically managing foreign currency exposure 

  • Outlook for AUD
  • Managing foreign currency exposure and identifying underlying risks
  • Implementing effective foreign currency hedging strategies
  • Using systematic overlay strategies to reduce and monitor forex exposure
  • Choosing the right currency overlay strategy that suits your organisation

Ray Attrill, Head of FX Research, NAB


Morning coffee


Panel discussion: Implementing diverse asset allocation approaches

  • Understanding the characteristics and practical applications of different strategies in asset allocation
  • Incorporating innovative approaches with traditional methodologies
  • Achieving return objectives and building balanced portfolios

Damian Graham, Chief Investment Officer, First State Super

David O’Sullivan, Chief Investment Officer, BUSSQ

David Bell, former Chief Investment Officer, Mine Super

Ross Etherington, Chief Investment Officer, EISS Super


Investing in alternative real assets – Aviation as a yield enhancer and portfolio diversifier

  • Understanding the risk return drivers of aircraft leasing
  • Where does aviation sit in portfolio construction?
  • Overviewing opportunities in the aviation market
  • Managing the risks of market downturns

Jochen Baltes, Managing Director, GOAL

Tim Van den Brande, Senior Director, KGAL Capital


Implications for Private Equity investing in a “late-cycle” environment

  • Correlation between private equity returns and public markets
  • The moral hazard of prioritising lower fees over net return
  • What makes a good co-investment?

Marcus Simpson, Global Head of Private Capital, QIC

 12.20  Rising interest rates and the changing bond-equity relationship
  • Understanding the impact of Federal tightening and rising bond yield on equity markets
  • Outlook for inflation and the rise of interest rates
  • Insights on how monetary conditions affect decision making
  • Constructing a robust portfolio in an interest-rising environment
  • The changing bond-equity correlation  

Brian Parker, Chief Economist, Sunsuper

12.50 Lunch

Assessing the threats and opportunities of emerging markets

  • Insights of risks and opportunities in the emerging markets landscape
  • Identifying promising and investable EM equities
  • The macroeconomic fundamentals and the risk in emerging market currencies
  • Strategically managing the exposure of emerging market investments

Craig Thorburn, Director of Emerging Markets, Future Fund


Identifying and mitigating risks in emerging markets

  • Why should investors be considering emerging markets and Latin America in particular?
  • Developing effective relationships with on the ground partners
  • Understanding and protecting against sovereign and regulatory risk
  • Securing assets and contracts that offer volatility protection
  • Managing inflationary and currency risk

Luis Fernando Lopes, Chief Economist, Patria


Measuring the quality of the portfolio – practical ways of implementing a total portfolio approach

  • Building and implementing an ‘investment scorecard’ to measure the quality of the portfolio
  • How to prioritise and measure the competition for capital across asset classes
  • Understanding trade-offs between objectives and constraints
  • Getting the Board and stakeholders buy-in on moving towards a total portfolio approach
  • Communicating the ‘why’ behind investment decisions beyond the investment team

Chris West, General Manager, Investments, WA Super


The role of valuation in asset allocation decisions

  • Valuation of different asset classes in the private market
  • The challenges of high valuation in listed markets
  • How valuations can be affected
  • Analysing valuations and positioning your portfolio

Bill Watson, Chief Executive Officer, First Super


Afternoon Tea


Panel discussion: The increased focus on ESG investing and sustainability

  • Optimising environmental, social, and governance (ESG) factors
  • Overlaying ESG across multiple asset classes holistically
  • Integrating ESG factors in portfolio construction and decision making
  • The impact on long-term portfolios and how ESG will change the way of investment

Mary Fallon, Director, Investment Office, ANU Investment Office

Tim Macready, Chief Investment Officer, Christian Super

Danielle Welsh Rose, Head of ESG, Victorian Funds Management Corporation

Bill Hartnett, Head of Responsible Investment, Local Government Super



Panel Discussion: Constructing robust and balanced portfolios

  • Achieving long-term investment objectives to meet the expectations of stakeholders
  • Discovering emerging assets and liquid alternatives
  • Analysing and determining the construction of long or short-term portfolio timeframes
  • Balancing liquid and illiquid assets in portfolios

Craig Turnbull, Chief Investment Officer, Local Government Super

Brendan Casey, General Manager, Investments, REST Industry Super

Chris West, General Manger, Investments, WA Super

Stephanie Weston, Investment Management Director, Genworth

 17.10 Closing remarks from the Chair
17.20 Drinks reception