AAA Summit 2020 agenda

7th Annual Asset Allocation Australia Hybrid Summit

Thursday 29 April  2021, Dockside Sydney and Online


  1. Global market outlook: the post-pandemic economy and what to expect
    • Moving on a path of recovery after a challenging 2020
    • Examining global market developments and what does they for Australia?
    • Navigating the current geopolitical landscape and the Australia-China tensions
    • Assessing the impact of low interest rates and where to locate opportunities


  1. Utilising risk management strategies in the time of uncertainties
    • Managing risk in a low interest rate environment
    • Effectively managing risks to drive returns
    • Making plans for the next potential risk on the horizon
    • Assessing risk-return profiles in asset allocation decisions


  1. Using diversification to construct robust portfolios
    • Re-examining current diversifiers and discovering potential alternatives
    • Driving growth with diversifying strategies
    • Diversifying across asset classes to reduce volatility and equity risks
    • Achieving diversification in the low return world


  1. What is the role of fixed income in a world of low interest rates?
  • Redefining the role of fixed income under the impact of the global pandemic and Central Bank measures
  • Does fixed income still act as a sufficient diversifier?
  • Building allocation in fixed income in a low interest rate low return market
  • Where are the fixed income opportunities when its yields are in historical lows?


  1. Prioritising ESG and impact investment strategies in your portfolio
    • How is ESG performing in the current environment and what role has it played in asset allocation?
    • Integrating ESG factors in portfolio construction and macro decision making
    • Incorporating carbon footprint alongside ESG strategies
    • Discovering ESG trends and opportunities to watch


  1. Searching for returns and opportunities in emerging markets
  • Finding potential high returns in emerging markets
  • What are the risks of investing in emerging markets in Asia, the region that will be driving world GDP growth in the next decade?
  • Choosing between listed and unlisted assets in emerging markets
  • Incorporating emerging markets into your investment processes


  1. Achieving return objectives while maintaining a defensive portfolio
  • Are defensive classes defensive enough?
  • Delivering defensiveness into your portfolio while being forced to take more risks in attempt to generate a reasonable return
  • Defensive vs diversified strategies, what has worked so far?
  • Positioning your growth with a defensive component in a low yield high volatility market


  1. Implementing alternative investment strategies to gain yield in the current market
    • Will the current environment lead to higher leverage to enhance returns?
    • Utilising alternative investment strategies to diversify portfolios
    • Is there a case for volatility trading as a strategy in current markets?
    • Evaluating strategies to ensure your portfolio is sufficiently hedged


  1. Making effective strategic asset allocation decisions
  • Using carefully considered strategic asset allocation to protect you from volatility
  • Setting your targets according to risk tolerance and investment timeframe
  • Are strategic/dynamic/tactical asset allocation methods still producing continuous source of alpha?
  • How have investorsrebalanced their portfolios in the current market?


  1. Discovering the opportunities in private debt markets
    • Locating private debt opportunities in the Australian market
    • Hearing the outlook for the private debt market
    • Measuring and managing the risks in private debt
    • What role can private debts play in your portfolio to remain resilient


  1. Managing investment performance to meet member expectations
  • How will ‘Your Future, Your Super’ reforms change the way you invest?
  • Exploring the implications of package reforms on investment strategies and active management
  • Dealing with increased attention of comparing super industry’s performance between peers
  • Managing member expectations and raising awareness of the challenges superannuation funds are facing with lower expected returns
  • Fulfilling your obligations to legislative changes and new regulations
  • Is the ‘early access to super’ policy a danger?


  1. Exploring the potential of adding cryptocurrencies to your portfolio
  • Should we consider cryptocurrencies in asset allocation?
  • Categorising cryptocurrency as an asset class in portfolio optimisation
  • What benefits and potential risks can it bring to your portfolio?