AAA Summit 2020 agenda

6th Annual Asset Allocation Australia Summit

 The region’s leading event for institutional investors  

5 March 2020, Dockside Sydney




8.30       Registration


9.00     Opening remarks from the chair


9.10     Navigating the economic landscape – key drivers of global recession

  • Analysing the drivers that cause uncertainty to the global economy
  • Cutting interest rates by central banks
  • Navigating geopolitical risks including US-China trade tensions, Brexit and Coronavirus crisis
  • How is Australia affected by these drivers?

Brian Parker, Chief Economist, Sunsuper


9.40     Panel discussion: Exploring strategies to achieve return objectives in a low-yield    environment

  • What does the low interest rate mean across asset classes?
  • Discussing the high prices for bonds and equities and its impact on portfolios
  • Exploring strategies to achieve desired rates of return in a low return environment
  • How does the current market condition impact your decision making?
  • Tolerating increased volatility to achieve long-term returns

Ian Patrick, Chief Investment Officer, Sunsuper

Gary Gabriel, Chief Investment Officer, State Super

Ross Etherington, Chief Investment Officer, EISS Super

Katrina King, General Manager, Research and Product Innovation, QIC

Leanne Taylor, Head of Macroeconomic and Markets Research, Cbus


10.20   Exploring opportunities in private debt markets

  • What is happening in Australian private debt markets?
  • What is behind the growth in private debt?
  • How does Australia differ to the rest of the world

Tim Rathbun, Director Illiquid Credit, NAB

Bob Sahota, Chief Investment Officer, Revolution Asset Management


10.50       Morning coffee


11.20   Managing risk to achieve high stable returns in aviation

Christian Schloemann, Managing Director, GOAL

Tim Van den Brande, Senior Director, KGAL Capital


11.50   Panel discussion: Is active management dead?

  • Comparing active management versus passive investing
  • The negative impact of high fees in active investing
  • Using a bottom up strategy to construct your portfolio
  • Analysing the role of active management in volatile and downward trending markets

Anthony Michael, Chief Investment Officer, Allianz Insurance

Edward Smith, Chief Investment Officer, TWU Super

Lucy Thomas, Head of Investment Stewardship, NSW Treasury Corporation


12.40   Lunch


13.40   Realising investor value through co-investments

  • How do co-investments work and what makes them attractive?
  • What is required to be successful in this market?
  • Effectively managing risks in co-investments
  • Aligning and managing investment liquidity

David Arcauz, Managing Partner, Flexstone Partners


14.05   Panel discussion: Measuring performance and managing member expectations

  • Using performance measurement to improve portfolio management
  • Undertaking clear communication with members to raise awareness of low expected returns
  • Dealing with increased attention of comparing super industry’s performance between peers
  • Remaining competitive and looking after the best interests of members
  • Measuring long-term performance

Craig Turnbull, Chief Investment Officer, Local Government Super

Dan East, Chief Investment Officer, Future Super

David Stuart, Acting Chief Investment Officer, Tasplan Super

Stephanie Weston, Independent Investment Committee member


14.45    Adding emerging markets growth to your portfolio

  • Discussing the potential for growth in emerging markets
  • Finding the right emerging markets investment at the right time
  • Analysing emerging markets’ own set of risks
  • Exploring the differences between listed and unlisted assets in emerging markets

Cindy Ponder-Budd, Investment Manager, Market Strategist, HESTA


15.15      Afternoon tea


15.45    Qsuper’s Investment Philosophy: Using alternative approaches to asset allocation

  • Focusing on member outcomes in investment decision making
  • Taking a long-term view and achieving CPI plus returns to benefit members
  • Investing in long-term bonds and infrastructure to tolerate volatility
  • Selecting and monitoring investment managers

Damian Lillicrap, Head of Investment Strategy, Qsuper


16.15    Panel discussion: Building a more defensive portfolio

  • Adopting defensive investment strategies to minimise loss of capital
  • What are the defensive assets to consider?
  • Exploring ways to add targeted defensive exposures to your portfolio
  • Exploring the relevant risk protection strategies in the fear of global economic slowdown
  • Where are the opportunities given the current market landscape?

Michael Winchester, Head of Investment Strategy, First State Super

Shaun O’Malley, General Manager, Investments, MTAA Super

Mary Fallon, Director Investment Office, Australian National University

Dania Zinurova, Director of Manager Research Australia, Willis Towers Watson


17.00   Closing remarks from the chair

17.10   Drinks reception

18.30   Conclusion of networking drinks