AAA 2023 agenda

9th Annual Asset Allocation Australia Summit

Thursday 2nd March 2023, Sydney

07.30               Registration opens

08.00              Opening remarks from the Chair

08.10               Central Bank Behaviour as the 40-year cycle ends

  • Capturing the changes in market conditions in the past twelve months
  • Analysing the extent to which monetary policy is capable of fighting inflation
  • Discussing the mechanisms used to preserve the smooth functioning of capital markets
  • Investigating the impact these behaviours are likely to have on asset allocation in the year to come


Dr John Hewson, former Economic Adviser to John Howard, and former Economist at the Reserve Bank of Australia


09.00               Inflation Debate: This House Believes Deflationary trends will resurface in 2023

  • A classic debate structure of proposition, opposition, and audience questions.


Mark Rider, Chief Investment Officer, Brighter Super

Zoe McHugh, Senior Portfolio Manager, Australian Retirement Trust

Ross Etherington, Chief Investment Officer, EISS Super

Belinda Cheung, Investment Strategy, Aware Super


10.00               Achieving absolute returns in an uncertain market

  • Understanding the challenges of achieving absolute returns
  • Identifying the key strategies that can deliver in the current market
  • Creating a dynamic investment approach to manage volatility
  • Mitigating the risks to meeting fund objectives


Aron Pataki, Portfolio Manager, Newton Investment Management


10.20               Morning coffee


10.50               Balance Sheet Efficiencies

  • Identifying the techniques used to capture balance sheet exposure at the fund level
  • Analysing opportunities from arbitraging the positions held across asset classes
  • Considering relative value in the context of fungible investments
  • Extrapolating the lessons learned for the broader investment community in Australia


Justin Lo, Senior Portfolio Manager, Australian Retirement Trust  



11.10               Using currency to enhance returns and manage risk in complex international portfolios

  • Identifying the current regulatory impacts on currency management frameworks
  • Exploring the range of techniques which can be deployed to hedge risk
  • Isolating the areas where performance might be enhanced through currency management strategies
  • Debating the areas for uplift in skills and process for local investors from international case studies


Andrew Harrex, Managing Director Australia / New Zealand, P/E Investments


11.30               Opportunities in aviation as the sector takes off

  •  Exploring the post Covid recovery in the aviation sector
  •  Understanding leasing structures and how they protect investors
  •  Using aviation to diversify and stabilise returns
  •  Mitigating risk in aircraft leasing


Christian Schloemann, Managing Director, GOAL Aircraft Leasing


11.50               Panel discussion: Implementing diverse asset allocation approaches

      • Understanding the characteristics and practical applications of different strategies in asset allocation
      • Incorporating innovative approaches with traditional methodologies
      • Achieving return objectives and building balanced portfolios 
      • Debating the relative merits of strategic, dynamic, and tactical asset allocation approaches within accumulation and retirement income portfolios.
      • Analysing the role of technology on conferring new insights into market conditions and the options open to investment committees

Brendan Casey, Head of Investment Strategy (Acting), Pacific, Mercer

Jill Monaghan, Chief Investment Officer, Suncorp

Rein van Rooyen, Senior Director, Cutter Associates


12.30   Lunch


13.20               Trading Places: Asset Class Winners and Losers in a Changing Environment

    • Drawing on all the analysis of the day the panel evaluate the future weightings of each asset class
    • Selections will be made as to which assets receive smaller allocations
    • Discussion into asset classes that might grow in prominence in the years to come
    • Debating new areas of relevance to a portfolio including new additions and the differences between accumulation and retirement income.


Joe Bracken, Senior Investment Manager, Commonwealth Superannuation Corporation

Ben Kilmartin, Chair of Investment Committee, Drummond Capital Partners

Martin Crabb, Chief Investment Officer, Shaw & Partners


14.05               Energy Mix: Lessons from the Past Twelve Months on the Just Transition

  • Capturing the experience in Europe as access to energy becomes a security and sovereign risk
  • Identifying the opportunity set in building an energy mix for the future Australia
  • Exploring the impact of inflation and cyclical rotations on fund performance, fiduciary duty, and responsible investment goals
  • Discussing the impact on asset allocation as the just transition evolves


Thadeus McCrindle, Chief Investment Officer, Sandhurst Trustees

Dinusha Peiris, Responsible Investment Lead, Suncorp

Sarah Gallard, Senior Manager Responsible Investment, State Super

Chi Mun Woo, Partner Risk Advisory, Deloitte



14.50               Afternoon tea


15.20               Renewable infrastructure: Let the sunshine in

    • Discussing the growth of renewable energy as a viable energy form across Europe
    • Referencing the legislative frameworks in Europe which influence institutional investment in energy
    • Understanding return dynamics in an inflationary environment
    • Debating the role of renewable infrastructure in meeting whole portfolio targets around environmental impact


Carsten Haubner, Portfolio Manager, KGAL Investment Management



15.40               Forestry: Seeing the alpha from the trees

    • Capturing the challenges of portfolio construction where correlations between asset classes are changing after a 40-year rate cycle
    • Identifying the challenges in managing forestry assets that require specific skills and experiences
    • Analysing the sustainability impact of well-managed timber assets in achieving carbon policies
    • Debating where in a portfolio forestry assets should sit, and the role they can perform


David Gardner, Chief Investment Officer, Forestry, Gresham House


16.00               Australia’s place in a fracturing global economy

    • Implications for a rules-based order as a unipolarity draws to a close
    • Enquiry into the next examples of territorial tension around the world
    • How does Australia navigate ongoing US-Sino tensions?
    • How should local fiduciaries think about mitigating the risks posed by global division and the emergence of a new paradigm within international relations?


The Hon. Wayne Swan, Treasurer of Australia (2007-2013), Deputy Prime Minister of Australia

(2010-2013), 2011 Euromoney, Finance Minister of the Year


17.00                    Closing remarks from the Chair and networking drinks

5.00 PM          Drinks Reception


6.30 PM          Conference Close