8th Annual Psychological Injury Management in the Workplace Congress

Building a resilient organisation to prevent and manage psychological injuries

31 August & 1 September 2022, Sydney

Following a tumultuous two years employees have faced, every workplace in is likely to see a unprecedented rise psychological injured workers in the year ahead. Never has it been more important of employers to develop strong psychological wellbeing, risk mitigation and injury management strategies to support their employees and organisations

The 8th Annual Psychological Injury Management in the Workplace Congress has been developed in order to deliver you practical ideas and solutions that you can implement now to protect you workers. Featuring insights and case studies from award-winning organisations and leaders, this congress focuses on the core challenges in providing a safe and fulfilling environment for all employees, with the hopes of preventing injuries before they cause damage and manage them effectively if they do occur.

Meet the challenges of the approaching ‘new normal’ with insights on:

Mastering the psychosocial risk management approach for your organisation
– Developing an evidence-based, integrated mental health strategy to thrive at work
– Minimising overwork and burnout within an increasingly hazardous mental health environment
– Challenging mental ill-health stigma in your frontline organisational culture
– Making your communications meaningful in overcrowded mental health dialogue
– Ensuring long-term effectiveness for your psychological safety training & development
– Creating better psychological wellbeing programs with noticeable positive effects
– Achieving executive buy-in for mental health and safety programs in a low-resourcing environment
– Making efficient use of lessons learnt in psychosocial risk management for remote workers
– Improving your psychological wellbeing strategy with peer support programmes
– Practical tips for managing psychological injury risk in the workplace – a non-mental health professional’s perspective
– Managing secondary injury and complex psychological injuries
– Measuring the effectiveness of psychological injury management and wellbeing programs in your organisation

Don’t miss this opportunity to learn from real wellbeing, safety and rehabilitation professionals and leaders in Australia’s top organisations.


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