Infrastructure Investment Australia Summit draft agenda

7th Annual Infrastructure Investment Australia Summit

28th October 2021, Sydney and Online

The outlook for Australian infrastructure investment

    • Overview of the 2021 Australian Infrastructure Plan
    • The size and structure of Australia’s future infrastructure pipeline
    • Market perceptions of risk in major project delivery

Peter Colacino, Chief of Policy & Research, Infrastructure Australia

Global market outlook in the infrastructure sector

    • Global market overview in the current geopolitical environment
    • The impact of the lingering COVID-19 and where to go from here
    • How has infrastructure performed over the past year and what can expect from it in the year ahead?
    • Forecasting potential change in the investing environment change over the coming year and what to do to remain resilient


Panel Discussion: Overcoming competition of assets and the challenges of capital deployment

    • Locating opportunities in a competitive arena
    • Evaluating whether the returns justify the risks at current valuations
    • Navigating through the changing environment and build resilience into the portfolio
    • Adding value in a low return environment and overcoming the challenges of capital deployment

James White, Director, Infrastructure and Timberland, Future Fund

Sandra Lee, Manager, Infrastructure Investments, UniSuper

James Turner, Investment Manager, Commonwealth Superannuation Corporation

Lianne Buck, Non-Executive Director, Utilities of Australia/Australia Pacific Airports Corporation


 Evaluating the impact of rising interest rates and inflation

    • What are the impacts of rising interest rates on infrastructure assets?
    • Examining the signs and impact of potential inflation on assets and current pricing
    • Managing the risk of inflation and how it will affect infrastructure investments


Panel Discussion: Redefining infrastructure and how it can evolve

    • The expanding definition of infrastructure and the opportunities it has allowed for
    • How do we define infrastructure as an asset class?
    • Discovering new and non traditional sectors of infrastructure investments
    • What are the risks associated with defining infrastructure more broadly?

Maria Donnelly, Portfolio Manager Infrastructure, Aware Super

Diana Callebaut, Head of Real Assets & Private Markets, NSW Treasury Corporation

Josie McVitty, Senior Advisor, Infrastructure, NZ Super Fund

Adrian Best, Head of Infrastructure Investment, Victorian Funds Management Corporation

Claire Simpson, Co-Head Infrastructure, Jana

Ian Purdy, Head of Property and Infrastructure, Accident Compensation Commission NZ


Assessing opportunities energy transition and the renewables sector

    • Evaluating the risk/reward spectrum of renewables in the long run
    • Identifying sustainable investment opportunities in the renewable market
    • Reviewing technological developments that make renewables more financially viable
    • Exploring how renewables can fit into a balanced portfolio
    • Assessing the challenges across different renewables markets


Panel Discussion: Implementing decarbonisation to reach zero emission goals

    • Exploring strategies to reaching carbon neutral
    • Implementing decarbonisation in portfolios and setting time frames to achieve your long term goal
    • Understanding the impact of sustainability on infrastructure investments
    • How sustainability can act as a constraint and how it can grow

Mark Rider, Chief Investment Officer, Christian Super

Mark Murray, Principal, Mercer

Akaash Sachdeva, Senior Responsible Investment Advisor, HESTA

Matthew Dickson, Senior Manager Infrastructure Investment, REST


Measuring and incorporating ESG in infrastructure investment

    • Discovering strategies to effectively integrate ESG factors in portfolio construction and decision making
    • Creating a positive outcome on the environment and community as well as generating good returns
    • Measuring performance of ESG strategies and identifying the best practice
    • The risk and impact of ESG on long-term portfolios

Serlina Chu, Senior Associate ESG & Stewardship, AustralianSuper


The growth of digital infrastructure investments and datacentres

    • Exploring the latest trends and opportunities in digital infrastructure
    • Understanding key market drivers and measuring the risks
    • Examining the performance of data centres and achieving high returns
    • Evaluating the effect of 5G developments and the future of data centres


Panel Discussion: Risk management in infrastructure assets

    • Managing and identifying risk in times of uncertainties to drive returns
    • Diversifying exposure to the infrastructure sector
    • Reassessing and adjusting risk in the context of the lingering pandemic
    • Making sure infrastructure allocation remains defensive in a broader diversified portfolio

Jordan Kraiten, Head of Infrastructure, Hostplus

Richard Hedley, Portfolio Manager, Private Markets, SunSuper

Dimitra Voutas, Manager, Growth Assets, Suncorp

Manish Rastogi, Principal Consultant, Infrastructure, Frontier Advisors


Infrastructure in China: Opportunities and challenges

    • Locating the opportunities and potential rewards in the Chinese infrastructure market
    • Examining the political challenges and regulatory risks
    • Demographic trends and outlook the Chinese market
    • Can private investment compete with Chinese government financing?


Infrastructure in the US: The impact and opportunities of Biden’s infrastructure proposal

    • The Biden Plan and what it means for investors in the US market
    • Discussing the potential opportunities and concerns around Biden’s proposal
    • Where are the opportunities for investment?
    • Assessing opportunities for asset recycling