Workshop A: Using data analytics in integrity control programs and investigations

Using data analytics in integrity control programs and investigations – a practical approach

Online Friday 30 July 2021

09.00-12.00 (AEST)

The use of data analytics, in both integrity control programs and investigations, can often provide powerful results. Data analytics  is able to make sense of a vast amount of data.; used  effectively, it can help uncover otherwise undetectable leads in an investigation, and hot spot areas that may require attention in integrity control programs.

This workshop will draw from a wealth of professional experience, using data analytics in a range of circumstances across public sector investigations and integrity control programs. Workshop leader and seasoned professional Sonia Hennessy will provide insights from her experience, both in the United Kingdom and here in Australia. You will have the opportunity to discuss the benefits and challenges of using data analytics as a tool in investigations and fraud control programs, as well as the opportunity to have your questions answered. This workshop will be an interactive workshop with a focus on practicality solutions.

 This exclusive workshop will provide a unique opportunity to:

  • Learn from real life examples of the ‘how to’ of using data analytics successfully in fraud investigation and control work
  • Expand your understanding of the usefulness of data analytics
  • Build confidence in incorporating the use of data analytics in investigation and fraud control programs in your own organisation

About your workshop leader:

Sonia Hennessy, Independent Consultant

Sonia is an experienced senior manager, investigator and fraud risk governance officer. Sonia’s career spans over 26 years’ across law enforcement, two Big4 professional services firms and the Victorian Public Sector. She has significant experience conducting fraud investigations, misconduct investigations and integrity risk management engagements in the United Kingdom and Australia. During her time in the UK Sonia led the fraud investigation and prevention function at Imperial College London and University College London NHS Foundation Trust, among other smaller public sector entities. Sonia has led large, complex fraud investigations involving the use of data analytics, led organisation wide fraud risk management and training programs, and provided advice to senior executives on how to respond to fraud, corruption and integrity issues.