Workshop C: Getting Comfortable With Uncomfortable Conversations

Workshop C: Getting Comfortable With Uncomfortable Conversations

1pm-4pm Friday 17th November 2017

Executive assistants are in a strategic support role but they also play a strategic management role and handling difficult conversations well is an essential skill that they need to develop. Indispensable Executive Assistants are by nature effective collaborators.They are easily identified by their ability to respect someone else’s point of view and work within that parameter whilst keeping the objectives and priorities of their boss at the forefront. In this workshop you will learn that in order to get someone to accept our point of view we need to acknowledge theirs and bridge the gap. In this half-day workshop, Liz will share a framework and outline tactics Executive Assistants can immediately adopt. Participants will come away from the workshop with tools that will enable them to engage in difficult conversation well and be more influential in their role.

  • Why it’s vital for Executive Assistants to be able to engage in difficult conversations
  • How anticipating the other person’s perspective can help you overcome resistance
  • How to deal with conflict and be more influential and effective

 Liz Van Vliet, Coach and Trainer, Being Indispensable

Liz Van Vliet teaches about leadership and self development for Executive Assistants.

She does this as the host of Being Indispensable, a podcast for Executive Assistants

available on iTunes and Android and as a coach and mentor. In her podcast Liz talks about the

skills, values and behaviours that can make an Executive Assistant be perceived as

indispensable to their business leader and the mindset required to build a true partnership with

the C-Suite Executive you support. Everyone is dispensable but we all have the power to

behave as a linchpin in our organisation.