8th WHS Law Seminar 2024


Guaranteeing a safe future in a transforming legal landscape

Tuesday 26 March (Perth) ; Thursday 4 April (Sydney) ; Tuesday 9 April (Canberra) ; Wednesday 17 April (Melbourne & Online) 2024

This may be your best chance to revisit your organisational WHS compliance strategy and statutory obligations without serious consequences.

The new year will see a significant transformation in WHS legal responsibilities for organisations across the country. Your organisation must be prepared to meet the new expectations of regulators and the courts.

The 8th Annual WHS Law Seminar has been fine-tuned in order to help you meet these new requirements directly. Featuring insights and case studies from award-winning law firms and key industry and regulatory stakeholders, this congress will target each key area of a complex legislative reality, ensuring that your organisation is safe and compliant, and has met each of its obligations confidently.

Protect your workforce from serious risk and learn from expert senior lawyers on key topics including:

  • Evaluating updated case law and legislation in WHS
  • Developing a compliant approach to psychosocial risk management
  • Mitigating the safety risk of bullying and harassment in the workplace
  • Working effectively with contractors within WHS regulations
  • Implementing WHS law standards and regulations in practice
  • Collaborating with regulators effectively to ensure best-practice WHS strategy
  • Meeting best practice expectations for internal and external incident reporting
  • Ensuring your officers meet their WHS duty of care

Don’t miss this timely opportunity to protect your organisation from unforeseen WHS legal vulnerabilities. Ensure you are certain about meeting all expectations, and register now!

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