Workshop B: Unlocking your High-performance Mindset

Workshop B: Unlocking your High-performance Mindset

1pm-4pm Friday 21st September 2018

What do Richard Branson, Michael Jordon, and the All Blacks have in common? 

High-performance mindset: the ability to bring presence, passion, purpose and confidence to everything they do. They attack each day with energy and intention, they embrace failure as a crucial learning opportunity, and they meet any challenge with an enviable dose of mental toughness!

From the outside looking in it’s easy to assume that these high-performers have some kind of superhuman gene. But the reality is, operating with a high-performance mindset in our personal and professional lives has nothing do with superhuman genes, and everything to do with choice, habits, strategies, and practice.

This workshop draws on diverse areas of research from leadership to sports psychology to explore the science of high-performance. Using an energising and dynamic blend of theory and application, this workshop is ideal if you are keen to equip yourself with knowledge and practical strategies to unlock your own high-performance mindset and shift from:

  • plateau to peak
  • procrastination to productivity
  • confusion to clarity
  • lethargy to energy
  • self-doubt to confidence

Is it your time to level up? If so, I very much look forward to meeting you there!

 Dr Bex Hemmingson, Coach and Consultant, Remix Coaching and Consulting

 From as far back as she can remember, Bex has been fascinated by understanding what makes people tick. Her passion for criminal psychology led Bex to Victoria University of Wellington where she launched her early career conducting research in prisons with New Zealand’s highest-risk, violent offenders. Since completing her PhD in 2013, Bex has continued exploring what makes people tick via university teaching and public health research roles, and most recently via her high-performance mindset coaching business. Nothing energises Bex more than supporting people to live a high-performance life bringing presence, passion, purpose, and confidence to everything they do.