Workshop A: Enhancing mental health and resilience in your workplace through Mindfulness



Post conference workshop A:

Enhancing mental health and resilience in your workplace through Mindfulness

Friday 21 May 2021 | 09.00-12.00

The risk of psychological unwellness in the workplace has never been greater, especially in such turbulent times. No matter how you prepare for these risks, your team will always be at risk of mental ill-health without effective strategies to build their resilience.

This workshop will demonstrate the power of Mindfulness in building psychological resilience in the workplace. You will discover the intimate link between Mindfulness and wellbeing, and will develop strategies to improve resilience and avoid overwhelm in your workplace. Using neuroplasticity, you will learn to ‘coach’ your brain, and learn healthy new habits and skills through repeated, conscious practice.

This exclusive workshop will explore learning tools to support wellbeing in your workplace, equipping your organisation with techniques to help prevent mental health issues in your team. Discover practical, action-oriented advice and insights to help positively shape behaviours, actions, and thoughts in this fun, interactive workshop!


About Your Workshop Leader: Sabina Vitacca, Mindfulness Consultant, Speaker, and Founder, Meditate Now

Sabina Vitacca, also known as “The Personal Trainer for the Mind”, has worked for over a decade as a Mindfulness Consultant and a foremost expert in mindfulness and meditation. She has helped hundreds of professionals to become more present in their everyday life, sharing transformative insights to assist executives and leaders in living a happy and successful life, at work and at home.

Today, Sabina continues to provide acclaimed mindfulness training and coaching from her successful Melbourne-based consulting company, Meditate Now, and offers unparalleled workshops and training programs both in-person and virtually via Zoom.