Infrastructure Investment Australia Summit 2022 final agenda

8th Infrastructure Investment Australia Summit

15th September 2022, Sydney


9:00 AM            Opening Remarks from the Chair


9:05 AM:          Australian infrastructure in a changing world order

  • Capturing the extent of change as a unipolar world comes to an end
  • Recognising Australia’s place in the new world order
  • Considering the implications for trade, commerce, and international co-operation
  • Framing the scale of opportunities and risks from an investment landscape as the world enters a new era

Hon. Bob Carr, Former Australian Foreign Minister, Australian Federal Government


9.55 AM:           Building back: Lessons from the pandemic on a reimagined society

  • Dissecting which changes to behaviours are transitory and which are permanent in a post-pandemic world
  • Debating the impacts to society as flexible working impacts urbanisation, commuting and economic equality
  • Analysing the risk management frameworks to include emergency measures in future business plans
  • Evaluating the role of the pandemic in enhancing or sidelining the key meta trends that might shape the world in the decade to come


Maria Donnelly, Portfolio Manager, Infrastructure, Aware Super

Mark Murray, Principal, Mercer

Maximilian Lindner, Partner, Antin

Gerard Parlevliet, Director, Prime Super


10.40 AM:        Morning Coffee


11:10 AM         Asia Pacific: Dynamism, growth, and opportunity

  • Exploring the potential for Indian growth to empower a thriving middle class to demand greater quality of life across the subcontinent
  • Analysing the next stages of economic development for emerging markets in the region including Philippines and Singapore
  • Exploring the need to refurbish and replace legacy infrastructure assets across the APAC region
  • Considering the sectors most likely to see outperformance including telecommunications, utilities, and waste management


Andrew Jennings, Director, KKR

Alex Miller, Director, Infrastructure, Cbus Super Fund


11.40 AM:        International assets: Deglobalisation, geopolitics and demography

  • Outlining the trade-off between crowded domestic origination and the opportunity overseas
  • Debating the extent to which the growth of a multi-polar world will impact the favourability of certain regions
  • Capturing the difference in opportunity sets afforded by heterogenous economies, demographic trends, and technologies.
  • Evaluating the challenges with governance requirements in different legal jurisdictions.


Dimitra Voutas, Manager, Unlisted Assets, Suncorp

Manish Rastogi, Head of Real Assets, Frontier

Ian Purdy, Head of Property and Infrastructure Investment, ACC (NZ)

Geoff Warren, Research Academic, Australian National University


12.25 PM          Lunch


1.25 PM            Decarbonisation across society

  • Capturing the challenges posed by exceeding carbon emissions targets
  • Analysing the capacity for fresh infrastructure to achieve a carbon neutral world
  • Reconciling fresh carbon emissions produced in achieving new infrastructure
  • Evaluating the role of fiduciary capital in building a better world


Jeffrey Su, Manager – ESG Investing and Engagement, QBE

Nick Chee, Senior Associate, AustralianSuper

Chi Mun Woo, Partner, Deloitte Climate Solutions

Diana Callebaut, Global Head of Investments, Pollination


2:10 PM            New paradigms: Disruptions, definitions, and allocations

  • Capturing the range of new themes that could remould society
  • Discussing the portfolio impacts of clean energies and digitised communities
  • Debating whether these investments should sit within purely infrastructure allocations or if they influence decisions within each asset class
  • Recognising the challenges with nascent industries and the risks of stranded assets


John Lucey, Chief Investment Officer, Resolution Life

Yvonne Webb, Senior Investment Strategist, NZ Super Fund

Peter Colacino, Managing Director, Avista Strategy

Ben Kilmartin, Chair of Investment Committee, Drummond Capital Partners


2:50 PM            Afternoon Tea


3.20 PM            Capital deployment: Timelines, inflation, and public spending

  • Analysing the impact of supply chain changes and delays on the timelines associated with executing ambitious new plans
  • Considering the challenges of cost inputs and the extent to which certain changes are transitory
  • Predicting the extent to which public spending delays will impact the initiation and progression of direct and ancillary projects
  • Evaluating the case for patience with deploying capital and the risks associated with missing out on deals


Matthew Dickson, Senior Manager, Infrastructure, REST Industry Super

Chris Artis, Chief Investment Officer, MIESF

Scott Tully, former Chief Investment Officer, Colonial First State

Anastassia Juventin, Chief Investment Officer, Lipman, Burgon & Partners


4:05 PM            Tracking Global Megatrends: Opportunities and reckonings

  • Analysing the themes that will come to dominate the decade ahead
  • Considering the extent to which Australia must change to leverage these opportunities
  • Anticipating the investment risks which come with a world evolving on a geopolitical and technological front
  • Debating the role for institutional capital in achieving seismic change


Bernard Salt AM, Executive Director, The Demographics Group


5:00 PM            Closing Remarks from Chair


5:05 PM            Post Event Drinks Reception


6:00 PM            Conference Close