Implementing psychosocial risk management and prevention strategies in your organisation

Implementing psychosocial risk management and prevention strategies in your organisation

Melbourne – Friday 17 March 2023                         Perth – Wednesday 22 March 2023

Canberra – Friday 24 March 2023                            Sydney – Wednesday 29 March 2023

This full day workshop will run in person from 09.00 – 16.00.

This interactive and highly practical workshop is designed to assist Leaders/HR/WHS professionals to understand the importance of adopting a psychosocial risk management approach as a primary prevention strategy for creating mentally healthy workplaces. Specifically it steps participants through a structured methodology for understanding and measuring the most prevalent workplace psychosocial risk factors with a specific emphasis on best practical approaches to mitigate risk for various workplace factors. Through understanding the importance of addressing psychosocial risk in workplaces, participants will increase their confidence and competence to being able to implement real prevention strategies for their workplace to have benefits for staff wellbeing, productivity, retention and performance.


This workshop will cover:

  • Our role in supporting mentally healthy workplace cultures through holistic wellbeing strategies of prevention, intervention and recovery
  • Understanding psychosocial risk, the importance of measuring it and where it is heading from a policy and legislation perspective
  • Introduction to a practical methodology for measuring psychosocial risk
  • Illustrating the efficacy of adopting a psychosocial risk perspective for mental health prevention via a case study
  • Taking a deep dive in to effective measures and controls that can be implemented for specific psychosocial risks
  • Putting it in to Action

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About Your Workshop Leader:

Penny Myerscough, Learning and Wellbeing Culture, Centre for Corporate Health

Penny is National Manager of Learning and Wellbeing Culture at Centre for Corporate Health, with 25 years of corporate consulting experience. Over her career, Penny has applied her knowledge and skill across a broad spectrum of environments. Her clients range from financial services, to professional services, law firms and start-ups through to government.

Penny’s background features strengths in facilitating learning and development forums for leaders, developing and conducting coaching programs and training team members in a range of HR-related content that target skills relating to supporting mental health in the workplace, strengthening Psychological Safety in the workplace and emotional intelligence. Penny also designs, develops and manages Psychosocial Risk reviews in a range of workplaces.