8th Annual Public Sector Executive Assistant Congress – draft agenda

Canberra, 1-2 November 2023

Draft agenda

  1. Executive Assistant Panel: Becoming a strategic leader to propel you and your team to success
    – Conceptualising methods of strategic leadership
    – Identifying opportunities to become a strategic leader
    – Visualising strategic plans to solve complex problems and achieve evidence-based results
    – Aligning your goals and actions with that of your executive and organisation

Savannah Lukic, EA to First Assistant Secretary, Department of Infrastructure, Transport, Regional Development, Communications and the Arts

Sharna Lawler, EA to Executive Director of Strategic Reform, Planning and Partnerships, Western NSW Local Health District

Mary-Elizabeth Denmark, Senior EA to Deputy Vice Chancellor Medicine and Health, Executive Dean Faculty of Medicine, Health and Human Science, Managing Director MQ Health, Chief Executive MUH and Clinical Services, Macquarie University

Natalie Hawkes, EA to Assistant Secretary, Infrastructure, Transport, Regional Development, Communications, and the Arts

  1. Elevating your confidence by learning and practicing self-empowerment
    – Exploring the qualities which make you great and how these benefit your workplace
    – Conquering imposter syndrome by knowing your value
    – Communicating and sharing your needs and aspirations with your Executive
    – Raising your voice and exerting a positive influence in your workplace

Katrena Friel, Australia’s Leading Success Coach for Intrepreneurs, Refresh your Thinking


  1. Developing your decision-making skills to achieve excellent outcomes
    – Utilising the extensive knowledge and information you hold to lead your teams with decisiveness
    – Incorporating the steps of evidence-based decision-making into your practice
    – Backing your decisions with confidence knowing they based in theory and evidence
    – Considering emotional intelligence and cultural competence in your decision-making
    Speaker to be confirmed


  1. Mastering time management to maximise your efficiency
    Maximising productivity and mitigating procrastination
    Eliminating roadblocks to effective time management
    Reclaiming and reinvesting hours of your time by doing the ‘right’ work
    – Tips, tools, and testimonies to streamline your schedule

Speaker to be confirmed


  1. Leveraging your skills in project management to expand your developmental opportunities
    – Exploring the essential skills and knowledge that Executive Assistants need to know
    – The phases of project management that form the backbone of your operation’s livelihood
    – Transferring project management skills into new career opportunities
    – Keeping track of your projects with the best project management tools

Speaker to be confirmed


  1. Executive Assistant Panel: Identifying opportunities to refine your expertise and blossom your career
    – Refining the core skills that are transferrable across careers
    – Gaining the support of your Executive in reaching your goals
    – Tracing the development journey from Executive Assistant to Executive Officer
    – Seeking out learning and development opportunities to broaden your employability

Jillian Gilmartin, EA to First Assistant Secretary of Service Delivery, Department of Defence

Shannon Edwards, EA to Chief Operating Officer, Attorney-General’s Department

  1. Level up your use of Microsoft Suite to enhance your efficiency and teamwork
    – Learning the intricacies of the suite to best support your executive and organisation
    – Managing your dream team with Microsoft Teams
    – Keeping track of and organising tons of information with OneNote
    – Streamlining your organisation’s communication with Outlook

Speaker to be confirmed

  1. Senior Executive Panel – Aligning your mindset and with your Executive to strengthen your strategic partnership
    – Unpacking what is required within you and your Executive’s strategic partnership
    – Listing the skills, experiences, and values that Senior Executives seek
    – Communicating effectively to foster a great working relationship with your Executive
    – Learning to be a proactive in predicting and fulfilling your Executive’s needs

Lucy Poole, General Manager, Digital Transformation Agency

Rebecca Ryan, Chief Executive Officer, Queanbeyan-Palerang Regional Council


  1. Executive Officer Panel – Understanding what motivates passionate Executive Officers and exploring their career progression
    – Exploring the opportunities and skills which will propel your career
    – Finding your professional purpose and using it to motivate your success
    – Portraying your personal brand and being confident in how you present
    – Highlighting the unique paths Executive Assistants can take in mapping their career

Fiona Gaffney, Executive Officer, NSW Department of Customer Service


  1. Embracing technological innovation to enhance your readiness for the future
    – Identifying emergent technologies which best support your executive
    – Streamlining and automating tasks with Artificial Intelligence software
    – Communicating and collaborating in virtual environments with influence and ease
    – Utilising social media to assist in amplifying your professional presence

Ingrid Bayer, Mentor, Trainer and Advocate, VA Institute


  1. Executive Assistant Panel: Future-proofing your career by preparing for the workplaces of tomorrow
    Mapping future expectations and responsibilities of Executive Assistants
    Becoming the tech-savvy saviours of your workplace
    – Operating as an extension of your executive to deliver results
    Empathy – your new secret weapon to understanding and achieving success

Ruby Lambert, Executive Assistant, Bureau of Meteorology

Chantel Gleeson-Abdilla, Executive Assistant to Chief Technology Officer, Department of Infrastructure, Transport, Regional Development, Communications and the Arts


  1. Uplifting your wellbeing to achieve balance at work and home
    – Incorporating positive habits to enhance your mental and physical health
    – Recognising the signs of burnout and asserting your boundaries
    – Becoming a reliable listener and caring for your team’s wellbeing
    – Building resilience in challenging times to bounce back from adversity

Narrelle Matthey-Aikin, Executive Assistant to Chief Risk Officer of Institutional Banking, ANZ Banking Group


  1. Creating your unique professional brand and setting yourself apart
    – Incorporating your personality into all aspects of your professional practice
    – Articulating your value and asserting what makes you great in job applications
    – Utilising your uniqueness to remain relevant in competitive professional landscapes
    – Enhancing your confidence and self-worth by empowering your greatest assets

Alyssa Broomby, Executive Assistant to Chief Operating Officer, Department of Home Affairs

  1. Establishing the foundations for powerful and effective communication to enhance your relationships
    – Understanding the reasoning and goals behind strategic communication
    – Communicating sensitively with empathy foregrounding your interactions
    – Achieving greater comprehension of your Executive and organisation’s needs
    – Engaging and influencing your virtual audiences with ease and confidence

Ross Judd, Director, Team Focus