Asset Allocation Australia Summit agenda (draft)

7th annual

Asset Allocation Australia Summit

 Live in person – Pullman Quay Grand, Sydney

and Online (all times are AEST) 

Thursday 29 April 2021


8.00       Registration

8.20     Opening Remarks from the Chair

8.30    Keynote Address : Understanding the opportunities and responsibilities of superannuation funds in reshaping the post COVID Australian economy

  • Superannuation as a driver for growth and recovery
  • Engaging boards and leaders of super in social and environmental change
  • Leveraging the rise of shareholder activism to reduce inequality
  • Understanding the power investment decision makers have in driving change


Hon Wayne Swan served as the Treasurer of Australia for nearly six years including three years as Deputy Prime Minister. He was awarded Euromoney Finance Minister of the Year in 2011 for his “careful stewardship of Australian’s finance and economic performance” during the global financial crisis.


9.30     Global market outlook: the post-pandemic economy and what to expect

  • Moving on a path of recovery after the challenging 2020
  • Examining global market developments and what do they mean for Australia?
  • Navigating the current geopolitical landscape and Australia-China tensions
  • Assessing the impact of low interest rates and where to locate opportunities

Brian Parker, Chief Economist, Sunsuper


10.10    Panel discussion: Using diversification to construct robust portfolios

  • Re-examining current diversifiers and discovering potential alternatives
  • Driving growth with diversifying strategies
  • Diversifying across asset classes to reduce volatility and equity risks
  • Achieving diversification in the low return world

Kylie Willment, Chief Investment Officer, Mercer

Andrew Fisher, Head of Asset Allocation, Sunsuper

Joe Bracken, Senior Investment Manager, Commonwealth Superannuation Corporation

10.50   Morning coffee

11.10   Developing a three dimensional approach to renewables

  • Assessing the opportunities in a growing renewable market
  • The important role renewables can play in portfolio construction
  • Identifying opportunities to diversify revenue streams within this complex market
  • Active management along the renewables value chain

Carsten Haubner, Portfolio Manager Infrastructure, KGAL Investment Management


11.30    The practical implementation of ESG policies and practices in Fixed Income portfolios

  • Learning by doing: ESG is an investment issue in fixed income
  • Integrating ESG in investment decisions: the risk and reward of ESG exposures in issuer selection
  • Process integrity:  Demonstrating that you are doing what you say you are doing
  • Developing policies for affinity groups and impact

Guy Cameron, Chief Investment Officer and Founder, Cameron Hume


11.50   Panel discussion: Prioritising ESG and impact investment strategies in your portfolio (Online)

  • How is ESG performing in the current environment and what role has it played in asset allocation?
  • Integrating ESG factors in portfolio construction and macro decision making
  • Incorporating carbon footprint alongside ESG strategies
  • Discovering ESG trends and opportunities to watch

Akaash Sachdeva, Senior Responsible Investment Adviser, HESTA

Graeme Bibby, Chief Investment Officer, Mutual Trust

Mary Fallon, Director, Investment Office, Australian National University

Vishnu Amble, Senior Investment Director – Global Investments, SAEV Investments


12.30 Lunch 

13.30   Panel discussion: Achieving return objectives while maintaining a defensive portfolio (Online)

  • Are defensive classes defensive enough?
  • Delivering defensiveness into your portfolio while being forced to take more risks in attempt to generate a reasonable return
  • Defensive vs diversified strategies, what has worked so far?
  • Positioning your growth with a defensive component in a low yield high volatility market

Steven Carew, Chief Investment Officer, JANA

Gary Gabriel, Head of Portfolio Management Group, Victorian Funds Management Corporation

Charles Hyde, Senior Investment Strategist, NZ Super

Kev Toohey, Principal, Atchison Consultants


14.20    Exploring early opportunities in the burgeoning hydrogen economy

  • What has changed in the renewable hydrogen market? Is now the right time to invest?
  • Does green hydrogen live up to the current hype?
  • How should investors approach green hydrogen?
  • Overcoming political and regulatory risks

Thomas Engelmann, Head of Energy Transition, KGAL Investment Management

14.40   Panel discussion: What is the role of fixed income in a world of low interest rates?

  • Redefining the role of fixed income under the impact of the global pandemic and Central Bank measures
  • Does fixed income still act as a sufficient diversifier?
  • Building allocation in fixed income in a low interest rate low return market
  • Where are the fixed income opportunities when its yields are in historical low?

Yile Chen, Head of Securities, Zurich Financial Services

David Goodman, Economist, Investment Strategy, Aware Super

Skye Masters, Head of Fixed Income Research, NAB


15.10    Afternoon tea

15.40   Utilising risk management strategies in the time of uncertainties

  • Managing risk in a low interest rate environment
  • Effectively managing risks to drive returns
  • Making plans for the next potential risk on the horizon
  • Assessing risk-return profiles in asset allocation decisions

Charles Wu, Chief Investment Officer, State Super

16.20   Panel discussion: Making effective strategic asset allocation decisions

  • Using carefully considered strategic asset allocation to protect you from volatility
  • Setting your targets according to risk tolerance and investment timeframe
  • Are strategic/dynamic/tactical asset allocation methods still producing continuous source of alpha?
  • How have investors rebalanced their portfolios in the current market?

Craig Turnbull, Chief Investment Officer, Local Government Super

Leanne Taylor, Head of Macroeconomic and Markets Research, Cbus Super

Brendan Casey, Former General Manager Investments, Rest Super

Nick Barrett, Head of Investment Strategy Australia, Willis Towers Watson

17.00   Closing remarks from the chair

17.10   Drinks reception

18.30   Conclusion of networking drinks