11th Annual National Public Sector Fraud & Corruption Congress

Transforming your fraud and corruption controls to manage emerging threats

28-29 July 2021, The Arts Centre, Melbourne

As the public sector continues to adapt to unprecedented new challenges, the risk of fraud and corruption has never been greater. In the context of numerous incidents of malpractice in government, urgent calls for a federal integrity response, and a substantial shift towards remote and virtual work, fraudulent activity has become dramatically harder to predict, and experts worry that fraud and corruption may be more common than ever before.

In its 11th year, the National Public Sector Fraud and Corruption Congress builds on a decade of experience and expertise in the fraud area. Our annual event convenes leading professionals throughout the Australian fraud and corruption landscape, including many speakers who have dealt with these incidents first-hand. This congress will share exclusive insights into fraud and corruption control in the new decade, ensuring that your organisation is resilient in the face of emerging fraud risks, increasingly prevalent cultural and structural challenges, and a progressively digital “new normal”.

Featuring an exclusive international keynote address, live via Zoom:

Lorraine Harris, Fraud Prevention Lead, National Health Service Counter Fraud Authority

Develop your fraud control strategy with exclusive private sector insights from:

Patrick Ashkettle, Chief Risk Officer, Bank Australia

Prevent and detect potentially crippling fraud and corruption incidents with our expert speaking panel:

William Day, Deputy Commissioner Integrated Compliance, Australian Taxation Office, Chair, Phoenix Taskforce, and Chair, Senior Officer Group, Serious Financial Crime Taskforce

Dene Saunders, Head of Integrity Services, Accident Compensation Commission NZ

The Hon. Robert Redlich, Chief Commissioner, Independent Broad-based Anti-corruption Commission

The Hon. Alan MacSporran, Chairperson, Crime and Corruption Commission

Karen Payne, Inspector General Taxation & Taxation Ombudsman, Office of the Inspector General & Taxation Ombudsman

Freddy Beck, Chief Audit Executive, Ipswich City Council

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