Workshop A: Workwise: Improving productivity and time management

Workshop A: Workwise: Improving productivity and time management

 9am – 12pm Friday 21st September 2018

 This fast-paced, practical workshop will build on the Workwise Outlook Efficiency presentation and give you the skills to:

  • Improve your work flow
  • Manage your Calendar and Task List
  • Delegate clearly and manage deadlines
  • Manage other people’s expectations
  • Accomplish more tasks in less time
  • Deal with competing priorities and changing demands for the day
  • Juggle the demands of managing multiple In Boxes and Calendars

Learn some practical time management techniques and tips for EAs and PAs. Gain some practical tools to increase focus on achieving results. Take away useful tips on planning and organising your work ahead and increase your productivity, reduce stress and improve results.

Jane Feek, Director, The Workwise Group, Efficiency and Effectiveness Training and Coaching

Jane Feek is the director of The Workwise Group Ltd.

Workwise focuses on the basics: efficient work habits, email management, effective delegation and follow up, and priority and calendar management. By focusing on the basics, Workwise ultimately delivers results on the big ticket items like time management, productivity, stress management.

Jane has been delivering Workwise training and coaching to individuals, teams and entire organisations across the public and private sectors in NZ and internationally since 2001. Her clients include many senior leadership teams, CEO’s and board members. She also works with senior leaders and their EA’s, assisting them in reaching their full potential as a working partnership.

She has an engaging, relaxed style of presentation and calls on her many years of experience to make the training relevant and easily applicable.