Workshop B: Understanding Moral ‘Greys’ in Fraud and Corruption Control

Workshop B: Understanding Moral ‘Greys’ in Fraud and Corruption Control

Online Friday 30 July 2021

13.00-16.00 (AEST)

Moral ‘Greys’ In Fraud and Corruption Control

The ethics of fraud and corruption are often considered simple, but this black and white assessment fails to account for the reality that both these issues continue to occur, despite extensive efforts taken to prevent them. This workshop will delve into the causal factors that enable fraud and corruption to occur, with a particular emphasis on both ethical foundations and the implicit power dynamics of both phenomena. Participants will be introduced to cutting edge theory developed by Gordon Young through his recently published book, Power and the Professional, apply this theory to a number of case studies, and have the opportunity to workshop their personal professional experiences to develop practical strategies for the optimal prevention and management of fraud and corruption.

About your workshop leader

Gordon Young is the Principal of Ethilogical Consulting, offering training, governance, and strategic investigation and redevelopment to organisations of all sizes and sectors. He lectures on Professional Ethics at RMIT University, and is the author of Power and the Professional, published by McFarland Books. He is based in Melbourne, Australia.