Virtual Attendance Risk Management in Government

We know that public sector organisations are now more risk management than ever before. We do however recognise that not everyone will be able to travel to Sydney to attend the 17th annual Risk Management in Government Congress in person and so have created an opportunity for you to join the conference live via zoom . Through this medium you will still be able to get involved using the Q&A function as well as join the busy online chat function. Users who are unable to use Zoom are able to watch the congress through a Youtube link but will not be able to access the Q&A and chat functions. 

We recently held our 10th National Public Sector Fraud & Corruption Congress online and recevied outstanding feedback from our online delegates.

Some of the key issues to be discussed include:

  • Improving risk management across the UK government – Discover the practical solutions the UK are implementing to create a whole of government approach​
  • ​  Discovering the opportunities in Risks to Benefits realisation in UK government projects​
  •   Get a unique NASA’s Risk Management System
  • Rethinking your risk management strategy in a post pandemic world
  • Human face of risk – assessing risk in a human services context
  • Improving the use of data analytics to develop risk management capability
  • Measuring performance of risk management programs
  • Aligning risk management with strategic direction and ambition
  • Integrating risk management efforts across government agencies
  • Obtaining executive buy-in and support to implement risk strategies

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Please feel free to contact  for any further information.