Risk Management in Government Congress 2019 agenda

5th annual Risk Management in Government Congress

Royce Hotel Melbourne, 20-21 March 2019



Conference day one – Wednesday 20 March 2019

08.30 Registration
09.00 Opening remarks from the chair

International keynote address: Developing protection and resiliency for critical infrastructure

  • Identifying critical infrastructure and their processes and functions
  • Prioritisation based on sound analysis of risks to critical infrastructure
  • Enhancing collaboration to improve risk analysis and warning systems
  • Continuously monitoring risk and improving resilience

Dr Stefan Brem, Head of Risk Analysis and Research Coordination, Federal Department of Defence, Civil Protection and Sport, Switzerland


Integrating risk into enterprise governance and strategic decision making

  • Incorporating risk into decision making processes to drive business improvements
  • Engaging with management to deliver effective responses to risks
  • Fulfilling compliance obligations
  • Enabling management to prepare for change by anticipating emerging risks and assessing potential impacts

Darren Box, First Assistant Secretary, Governance and Reform, Department of Defence

10.40 Morning Tea

Gaining executive buy-in to effectively drive organisational risk management

  • Understanding and capturing the risks that matter most to upper management
  • Communicating the benefits of risk management to senior stakeholders
  • Obtaining managerial support, funding, and engagement to implement risk strategies
  • Effectively reporting risks, strategies, and accomplishments

Sharon Sidhu, Manager, Audit & Risk, Australian National University


Using risk to enhance business operations

  • Aligning your risk approach to strategic business goals
  • Shifting away from the reactive approach of threat mitigation to risk anticipation
  • Incorporating risk into resource management to improve efficiency
  • Utilising risk to pursue service delivery opportunities

Tim Hainsworth, Manger Risk & Governance, Civil Aviation Safety Authority

12.40 Lunch

Combining audit and risk to strengthen risk controls

  • Delivering the organisational risk strategy
  • Analysing the effectiveness of enterprise risk strategy
  • Assessing organisation culture and identifying areas for improvement
  • Identifying indicators of emerging risks

Bronwyn Davies, Chief Auditor, Airservices Australia



Utilising data analytics to understand and manage risk

  • Collecting and managing data for risk management
  • Using quantitative analyses to verify perceived importance of risks
  • Utilising analytics in providing actionable reports
  • Quantifying the effects of implemented strategies

Mike van de Graaf, General Manager, Risk & Performance Measurement, Treasury Corporation of Victoria


Afternoon Tea


Panel discussion: Developing and applying risk appetite

  • Aligning risk appetite with strategic goals and defining tolerances
  • Incorporating risk appetite statement within governance policies
  • Using risk appetite to develop organisational values and enhance productivity
  • Monitoring changes in risk relative to tolerance thresholds

Danny Williams, Chief Risk Officer, Defence Housing Australia

Elisa Chian, Manager Risk and Financial Policy, Special Broadcasting Service

Mike van der Graaf, General Manager, Risk & Performance Measurement, Treasury Corporation of Victoria

Brendan Geary, Executive General Manager Enterprise Governance & Risk, V/Line

Sheena Frost, Strategic Director Corporate Services, City of Casey


Creating and spreading a positive risk culture throughout your organisation

  • Changing perceptions of compliance and risk management
  • Making risk relevant to the audience to capture attention
  • Developing staff awareness of their role in risk management

Binda Gokhale, Chief Financial Officer, Wyndham City Council

 17.10 End of conference day one and networking drinks

Conference day two – Thursday 21 March 2019

9.00 Opening remarks from the chair

International keynote address: Measured risk taking to achieve efficiency and maximise upside

  • Automating controls to deliver greater efficiency – reducing FTE and increasing detected fraud and error
  • Innovating ‘process’ to reduce costs and increase productivity by focusing effort towards greatest reward
  • Creating competition for compliance with ‘rules’ to achieve a step change in costs and legal risks
  • Decisive pro-activity to reduce prevarication and execute challenging project milestones

Jo Macdonald, Head of Risk Management Division, Department for Work and Pensions, UK  (live via skype)


International keynote address: Adapting to climate change and developing resilience and responses to sea level rise

  • Assessing near to mid-term risks of climate change and vulnerability
  • Developing strategies to mitigate risks of coastal flooding
  • Engaging with stakeholders to implement projects
  • Building resilience to sea-level rise

Tamsin Mills, Senior Sustainability Specialist, City of Vancouver

10.40 Morning Tea

Protecting against terrorism and risks to public safety

  • Developing a contingency plan for a potential terror attack
  • Preparing for and testing an attack scenario
  • Effective response in the event of an attack
  • Dealing with false alarms and filtering threats
  • Guarding against terror attacks through design

Craig Sheridan, Managing Director, Sheridan Consulting Group


Getting risk on the table during strategic planning

  • Aligning risk appetite into management goals
  • Shifting risk away from just being a tool for compliance
  • Using risk assessment to make better informed decisions for the future

Peter Goodchild, Manager, Corporate Governance & Risk, HealthShare NSW

12.30 Lunch

Embedding risk management into an organisation

  • Identifying the processes to embed risk in the organisation
  • Making risk management a part of day-to-day business, especially on major projects
  • Getting people to understand the consequences of ineffective risk management and benefits of good risk management

Rupert Haywood, Managing Director, Risk and Financial Operations, Queensland Treasury Corporation


Managing resilience – the skills, attributes and tools required

  • Understanding resilience and the impacts disruption can have on your organisation
  • Developing and implementing resilience into an organisation
  • The personal qualities of an organisational resilience practitioner
  • The organisational resilience practitioner – who, what & how?

Peter Gervasoni, Senior Enterprise Risk Advisor, City of Greater Geelong

 15.00 Closing remarks from the Chair and end of conference