AAA Virtual Attendance

Asset Allocation Australia Summit Virtual Attendance

Online via Zoom,  5 May 2022 09.00-17.00 AEST (Sydney and Melbourne time) (GMT+10)

We know that institutional investors face a greater challenge then ever in ensuring that their portfolios meet challenging investment objectives in a low yield, high risk environment. We do however recognise that not everyone will be able to travel to Sydney to attend the 7th annual Asset Allocation Australia Summit in person and so have created an opportunity for you to join the conference live via zoom . Through this medium you will still be able to get involved using the Q&A function as well as join the busy online chat function. Users who are unable to use Zoom are able to watch the congress through a Youtube link but will not be able to access the Q&A and chat functions. 

We held our Infrastructure Investment Australia Summit online last November and were excited by the opportunity to engage investors from across the Asia Pacific region using an interactive online format.

Some of the key issues that investors will discuss this year include:

  • China in 2022: Opportunities amidst geopolitical risk and regulations
  • International assets: Regions, cycles and currency risks
  • Fixed income: Correlations, protection and yield
  • Real assets: Behavioural changes, opportunities and crowded trades
  • Team dynamics: Internalisation, culture and remote personnel
  • Responsible investing: Developing taxonomy, metrics and execution
  • Energy transition: Reducing carbon footprints efficiently and effectively
  • Forestry assets in a responsible portfolio
  • The impact of YFYS: Benchmarks, tracking error and peer awareness
  • Investor case study: The implementation, challenges and rewards of Total Portfolio Approach

Click here to get the full draft conference agenda or click here to find out more about pricing and registration.

Free investor passes are available to qualified end institutional investors*.

*Investor passes Issued to super funds, insurance companies, sovereign funds, endowment funds and single family offices. Fund of funds, multiple family officer, investment consultants and fund managers should register under general pricing.

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