Risk Management in Government Online Congress

6th Annual Risk Management in Government Online Congress

24-25 March 2021

In today’s fast-paced changing world public sector organisations are facing major challenges to manage vast array of emerging and evolving risks .

The 6th Annual Risk Management in Government Online congress is specifically designed for three levels of the Australian government to address the real risks you are facing and provide practical strategies to effectively identify, manage and mitigate risks in your organisations. To ensure your risk management programs effective and up to date, join the brightest minds who will delve into key issues including:

  • NASA’s Risk Management System
  • Integrating risk management efforts across government agencies
  • Obtaining executive buy-in and support to implement risk strategies
  • Embedding risk appetite as a value creation tool
  • Integrating climate change impacts into risk management
  • Reducing cyber security risks and building stronger cyber defenses
  • Measuring performance of risk management programs
  • Setting up an effective governance framework to support risk management
  • Improving the use of data analytics to develop risk management capability

This program features three outstanding international speakers who will share exclusive insights on innovative approaches they’ve been using to manage risks:

  • Jeevan Perera, Senior Engineer, NASA
  • Dr. David Worsley, Head of Rail Specification & Delivery, Transport for the North UK
  • Trevor Marchant, Departmental Risk and Performance Lead, Governance Division, Department for Transport UK

 Our highly qualified speakers from Australia and New Zealand include:

  • Peter Pierre, Chief Audit and Risk Officer, Department of Health VIC
  • Coenraad Robberts, Group Director, Risk & Assurance Services, Department for Health and Wellbeing SA
  • Rupert Haywood, Managing Director, Corporate Services and Chief Risk Officer, Queensland Treasury Corporation
  • Louise Dubois, Director Safety and Recovery Unit, Ambulance NSW
  • Kylie McKiernan, Chief Risk Officer & COVID Coordinator, Macquarie University
  • Mike van de Graaf, General Manager, Risk & Performance Measurement, Treasury Corporation of Victoria
  • Brendan Geary, Executive General Manager Corporate Planning and Risk, V/Line Corporation
  • Nick Kent, Director Government Section, Technical Uplift Branch, Australian Cyber Security Centre, Australian Signals Directorate
  • Gavin Dyche, Manager Risk and Safety, Yarra City Council
  • Marcus Turner, Chief Risk Officer, Gifted Risk Solutions

Discover the full conference agenda here.

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