Workshop A: Effectively working with different personality styles

Workshop A: Effectively working with different personality styles

Friday 18 August: 9am – 12pm

 Good Communication is an essential part of being an effective Executive Assistant, yet, as individuals, we are all conditioned to communicate from our own personality style.

When a Manager is communicating with you from a different Personality style to your style, the communication can easily be mis-understood. Also, when you need to get things done through others, your communication can easily be mis-understood, leading to less than optimum performance and un-satisfactory outcomes.

Understanding how you can communicate effectively with all personality styles will reduce work-place stress, increases effectiveness and lead to better relationships.

This pro-active Workshop will give you the skills to:

  • understand the different Personality Styles
  • understand how different Personality types communicate
  • quickly identify different Personality so you can change your communication style to match the style of the people you are working with
  • increase engagement and improve outcomes
  • manage conflict
  • increase your resilience
  • be an effective Influencer

About your workshop leader: Kevin Heppleston, Executive Coach, Ascendency – Business and Personal Mastery

Kevin is an internationally recognised award winning Executive Coach and Business Coach, with extensive experience in Change Management, Leadership Development and building high-performing, self-managed teams

 Kevin is a Trainer and Keynote Speaker who has worked with many international presenters, both in NZ and internationally. He facilitates interactive Workshops on Leadership, Team Building, Psychometric Profiling, Change Management, Communication and Time Management.