Workshop B: Boosting your professional writing skills

Post conference workshops: Friday 30th October

1-4pm | Workshop B:  Strategic StorytellingBoosting your professional writing skills


Stories resonate with humans. They allow us to develop a deep connection with the content and characters that is based on emotion. This workshop will enable you to think visually, and develop your messaging and content in a way that is guaranteed to take your audience on a journey, becoming more susceptible to buying in to your ideas. Join us and uncover how to inspire action, empower teams, improve communication, and spread your ideas effectively.



  • A better understanding of how to define audiences/who your audience is, and how they learn/interpret information, engage and act.
  • A key message and ICB™ (Implied Consumer Benefit).
  • The ability to empower staff to communicate better in the workforce – increasing productivity, communication, and efficiency.
  • Opportunity to upskill, write with more impact, improve your ability to utilise career opportunities within your organisation or elsewhere.

About your workshop leader:

Rowan Thambar, Head of Content, Presentation Studio

Rowan Thambar is the Content Manager at Presentation Studio, APAC’s leading presentation design agency. A storyteller at heart, he is passionate about creating purposeful presentations that enable internal and external strategic change. Rowan has been an in-demand executive speechwriter for business leaders across many industries, including telecommunications and retail. Out of the office, Rowan is a touring stand-up comedian and musician who has featured on triple J and at the Melbourne International Comedy Festival.