Workshop B: Effective communication – minimise misunderstandings and increase performance

Workshop B: Effective communication – minimise misunderstandings and increase performance (and happiness!) in the workplace

Friday 19 March 2021   13.00-16.00

The research tells us that happier people are higher performing. Yet many teams I work with struggle with how to have courageous conversations which leads to a lack of trust and safety, decreased connection, increased stress and lower performance.

This workshop will give you practical tools to:

  • Increase your self-awareness and your understanding of others for more effective communication
  • Understand your “go-to” or default behaviours during conflict and develop the ability to choose responses that best suit the situation you’re in
  • Build your confidence and capability to have courageous conversations, and provide you with a framework
  • Understand how to work with “difficult” people (and how sometimes that can actually be you!)
  • Be more effective in understanding how to manage yourself during conflict and to choose the behaviours that reflect who you are at your best (not your worst) 

  About your workshop leader

Cynthia Mahoney, Director, Cynthia Mahoney and Associates

Cynthia is an experienced leadership development consultant, facilitator and coach. After an extensive career in government she made a successful leap to founding her own leadership practice. She has created a way to combine her entrepreneurial spirit with her passion for developing people to be their best and her skills and talent in facilitation and coaching. Her journey of self-discovery, along with her empathy, authenticity, and commitment to courage, growth and self-leadership, enable her to support people, teams and organisations make positive change and achieve professional and personal success. Cynthia is passionate about working with women to embrace their strengths, develop their life and leadership skills and live courageously. She believes that by being our best selves and living purposefully we create a positive ripple effect that benefits our families, workplaces and communities as well as ourselves.