Workshop B: Artificial Intelligence in fraud and corruption

Friday 29 July 13.00 – 16.00

Artificial Intelligence in fraud and corruption

As we move into an age of agile and ongoing fraud perpetration it becomes increasingly important to consider innovations that can mitigate the damage to government organisations.

  • Selecting the key threats to each organisation
  • Considering the role for AI to understand and analyse human intelligence patterns
  • Simplifying the adoption of cloud-based technologies
  • Engaging to make customer experience clear, robust, and impactful


About your workshop leader:

Simon Marchand, Chief Fraud Prevention Officer, Nuance Communications (Canada)

Simon has over 12 years of management experience, 10 years of fraud management within telecommunications and banking and over 6 years in customer service. Simon has worked for Renaud-Bray, Laurentian Bank, Bell and AdmA in Canada before joining Nuance in 2019.