Workshop A: Utilising best-practice work design to treat the underlying cause of mental ill-health

Friday 26 July 2024, Sydney

Post-Conference Workshop A (9.00 – 12.00)

Utilising best-practice work design to treat the underlying cause of mental ill-health

Though there is never one cause for mental ill-health, organisational wellbeing and safety professionals too often focus on individual interventions, and driving external, off-the-shelf safety management initiatives. Such approaches to health and wellbeing increasingly lack credibility, driving little-to-no changes in organisational safety performance, and often coming at a significant long-run cost to organisations. With this in mind, it is vital that all Australian workplaces modernise their health and wellbeing approach to focus on job and work design.

This workshop engages with practical tips and new developments in safe work design, which will be indispensable for protecting your workforce from harm, meeting your compliance obligations, and ensuring your teams are happy, healthy, and operating at their best. Led by a senior professional in the wellbeing and safety space, who has seen and mastered both traditional and emergent job design strategies, you will leave this workshop with key insights for best practice work design, including:

  • Minimising the safety risks of poor job design embedded within your organisation.
  • Synthesising work design principles with existing health and wellbeing policy
  • Producing effective work design interventions through collaboration across all business functions
  • Creating agile job design systems to meet unforeseen safety challenges in the future
  • Ensuring that best-practice job design remains embedded in ‘business-as-usual’ into the future
  • Networking with leading professionals in the Australian safety and wellbeing community


About your workshop leader:

Audrey McGibbon, Co-Founder GLWS, CEO, Eek & Sense

A psychologist since 1990, Audrey was Managing Director of SHL Australia Pty Ltd, a role that gave her first hand insights into the stresses and strains of life as a senior executive and the impact of leaders’ behaviours on a team’s wellbeing. Since setting up EEK in 2001, Audrey has coached 500+ senior executives on an individual and team basis.

Her sophisticated wellbeing tool, the Global Leadership Wellbeing Solutions model (GLWS), was co-designed by her co-founder, Karen Gillespie – GLWS was built upon robust, evidence–based research and over 50 years combined professional experience in organisational psychology, leadership development, executive coaching and capability design initiatives. Their framework has produced outstanding results for many large organisations, including Australia post and Qantas.