Workshop A: Setting boundaries, managing workplace conflicts, and dealing with different personalities

Workshop A: Setting boundaries, managing workplace conflicts, and dealing with different personalities

Friday 9 September 09.00-12.00

When working with other people, there is always an element of challenge. Sometimes the challenge is in avoiding miscommunication, managing conflict when it arises, or learning how to negotiate and present your ideas assertively. The ways we communication are complex and important to all areas of work, which is why it is crucial to develop strong communication skills. This workshop will help you hone your social talents and provide useful tips and techniques for you to take directly into the workplace.

After attending this workshop, you will have vital insight into:

  • Navigating diverse personalities and thinking styles in the workplace
  • Defining problems and clarifying perception of the situation
  • Controlling the scope of conflict with straightforward communication of information
  • Dealing with stereotypes and people saying “you are just an EA”
  • Building mutual trust and respect with your executive and colleagues

About your workshop leader:

Madeleine Taylor, Executive Coach and Founder, People Skills Consulting

Tena koutou, tena koutou, tena koutoa katoa.

Hello to everyone.

Madeleine is a People Skills Consultant, and she collaborates with people to support them achieve their goals. Her clients are leaders, staff, managers, and families often within complex environments and tricky issues of grief and loss, negotiation, influencing and managing difficult behaviours.

She graduated as a social worker in 1979 and she worked in Health and Mental Health.

In 2002, Conflict Management New Zealand was looking for a new associate and Madeleine worked with them for over 15 years, teaching Harvard Negotiation material.

Madeleine is an accomplished facilitator and long-time trainer and provides professional supervision and leadership coaching across a range of professions.  She handles tough issues in a way, which, while remaining sensitive is also playful. She is a Certified Mediator, Facilitator of Conflict Resolution, Executive Coach, Registered Social Worker, Restorative Justice Facilitator, Professional Supervisor, Parent Educator, Adult Trainer, and Author.