Workshop A: Improving risk management culture

Post-conference workshops Friday 26th March 2021

Please note the this workshop will be run online from the UK

Improving risk management culture – what are the real challenges and barriers and how can we overcome them?

Workshop A: 9.00-12.00

In 2004, when the first Orange Book was written, it was focussed on ‘what’ the process of risk management was. Now these principles are understood, but these are not always universally applied and consistently embedded. The core process also operates within a wider risk management framework. How can this framework be made to work better for us? The 2019 Orange Book focuses on ‘how’ risk maturity can be increased through integrating and embedding good risk management practices and behaviours.   


The workshop will explore how best to embed good risk management practices and behaviours, taking the work that has been done so far and ‘benchmarking’ it against the experiences of the attendees: 


  • Are the improvements being made likely to be successful in terms of the experiences of the attendees and which do they think will have less traction (and why)?
  • What other approaches could be considered that haven’t been thought of so far?
  • How can the approaches identified be applied in their own organisations and will it work in their own cultures to improve risk maturity (and would the barriers be different)?”


About your workshop leader:

Trevor Marchant, Chair of the UK Cross-Government Risk Improvement Group and Departmental Risk Lead, Department for Transport UK

 Trevor Marchant chairs the United Kingdom cross-government Risk Improvement Group which provides a networking group and best-practice risk forum for all UK government departments and agencies. Trevor specialises in building risk management culture in central government departments and on simplifying risk management approaches to ‘re-boot’ risk management in organisations where they have overcomplicated their processes.  He has spoken on this issue at many different conferences and seminars in the UK and internationally.

Trevor has an MBA in project risk management and was formerly the Risk Advisor to the Home Office Board.  He is now Departmental Risk Lead at the UK Department for Transport.