Real Estate Investment Summit draft agenda

Sydney, Thursday November 2017


8.30 Registration
9.00 Opening remarks from the chair

Market update and forecast – A closer look into the real estate investment market

  • What are the key factors driving the real estate markets in Australia?
  • Understanding the current market condition and exploring the outlook for different asset classes
  • Evaluating the socio-economic and political impact on the real estate market

Evaluating the market cycle and repositioning your portfolios

  • Finding opportunities at the end of the market cycle and investing in a changing landscape
  • Discovering how investors are rebalancing their portfolios as major cities approach cyclical peaks
  • Exploring the history of ‘cycle top’ cap rate and are they a concern?
  • Comparing the current market with previous cycles
10.25 Morning Tea

Panel Discussion: Getting the balance between direct and indirect real estate investments

  • Reassessing the trade-offs between direct investment, investing through funds and REITs
  • Uncovering the substitutability between REITs and direct assets
  • Gaining an insight on how top investors allocate their assets between direct and indirect investments
  • Capitalising on incentives and managing higher fees

Panel Discussion: Overcoming the implementation routes to global real estate investments

  • Addressing the challenges of tax and other barriers to entering the global market
  • Managing the issues of currency in global investments
  • Discovering what challenges that investors are grappling with in off-shore investments
  • Are investors actually looking overseas or are they domestically focused?
12.30 Lunch

Exploring opportunities in the North American Real Estate Market

  • Gathering insights on the real estate supply and demand trends in the U.S. market
  • Assessing the number of new economic and social influences on the North American real estate market
  • Where are investors looking and what to look out for?

Looking into the Western European real estate market

  • Understanding the impact of the recent political, socio and economic instability on investments in the real estate market
  • Analysing the impact of Brexit and exploring which cities will benefit the most
  • Identifying opportunities and conducting a risk analysis on real estate investments

Analysing the investment opportunities of the retail sector

  • Optimising your long-term investments in the most competitive retail market on record
  • Questioning the resilience of the retail industry with the ongoing disrupters
  • How retailers modify their business models that respond to the threats of online challenges and fresh global competitors

Afternoon Tea



Highlighting the multi-family real estate investment sector

  • Examining the challenges and opportunities in the current residential real estate market
  • Recognising the various opportunities and transformations that multi-family housing has to offer
  • How off-shore investors have embraced multi-family assets
  • Identifying the trends in multi-family and understanding how demographics, generational shifts and local demand impacts projects
  • Anticipating the performance of multi-family assets and spotting the sagging markets

Exploiting opportunities in the emerging sub-core assets and the shifting societal trends on real estate investment

  • Ensuring investment opportunities in alternative real estate such as student accommodation, social housing, hotels and medical centres
  • Considering the concept of integrating work, play and lifestyle that lead to the mixed use of assets in real estate valuations
  • Utilising effective opportunistic strategies outside of the core-sectors
 17.00 Closing remarks from the Chair
17.10 Drinks reception