Workshop A: Adopting a robust fraud-risk framework

Post-Conference Workshop A: Adopting a robust fraud-risk framework

Friday 28 July 2017 | 9.00 – 12.00

Fraud represents a significant risk to the integrity of and erodes public trust in government programs. Public-sector entities and their executives & managers at the federal, state, and municipal levels are challenged to take a strategic approach to address fraud risks in programs within their purview and develop effective controls and other measures to manage these risks. Proactive fraud-risk management is intended to provide reasonable assurance that a program’s mission and objectives are being met as intended and that taxpayer-funded investments are safeguarded.

The workshop will build on the framework concepts described during the keynote presentation and focus specifically on the imperatives and intricacies of performing robust risk assessments, creating comprehensive risk profiles and integrating the two to inform risk decision-making. Risk assessments and risk profiles are the principal underpinnings of a successful fraud-risk strategy and its component activities. Without getting these fundamentals right and sustaining them over time, fraud-risk strategies and activities become unmoored in their purpose and effectiveness.

The principal topics to be covered are:

  • Performing a robust risk assessment—including (1) core process, (2) questions & queries, (3) considerations & success factors, and (4) sample implementation tools
  • Creating a comprehensive risk profile—including (1) key inter-related elements, (2) essential questions, (3) integration with risk assessments, and (4) a sample template

About your workshop leader:

 Seto Bagdoyan, Director, Audit Services, US Government Accountability Office – Forensic Audits & Investigative Service

Seto Bagdoyan is currently the director for audit services in GAO’s Forensic Audits & Investigative Service (FAIS) mission team. During his GAO career, Mr. Bagdoyan has served in a variety of positions, including as legislative advisor in GAO’s Office of Congressional Relations and as assistant director for homeland security and justice. He has also served on congressional details with the Senate Finance Committee and the House Committee on Homeland Security. In his private-sector career, Mr. Bagdoyan has held a number of senior positions in consultancies, most recently focusing on political risk and homeland security. He earned a BA degree in international relations/economics from Claremont McKenna College and an MBA in strategy from Pepperdine University.