Infrastructure Investment Australia Summit – Agenda

Thursday 10 August 2017, L’Aqua, Sydney

Government session: Building a better Australia with vital infrastructure across the country

  • Exploring government’s plan to promote infrastructure projects
  • Government’s strategies on the rising need to deploy capital to infrastructure
  • Understanding the Infrastructure Investment Programme supported by Australian government
  • Building public-private alignment in infrastructure

Market outlook –  A closer look into the infrastructure investment  market

  • Understanding the impact of global trends on infrastructure
  • Discovering political and regulatory changes and the impact on infrastructure valuations
  • Assessing the highly competitive market environment
  • Discussing overall demand for infrastructure assets and current drivers of demand
  • Where is the market currently heading?

Searching for investment opportunities and get access to quality infrastructure assets

  • Where to find attractive infrastructure investment opportunities
  • Getting access to deal flow at fair valuation
  • Deploying capital to infrastructure assets
  • Choosing the appropriate infrastructure projects for your portfolio
  • Providing appropriate returns for the risk being taken
  • The expanded definition of infrastructure and how this has changed over time and through market cycles

Panel discussion: Discovering the myth of infrastructure valuations and pricing

  • How has the definition of infrastructure changed over time and through market cycles?
  • Analysing the high demands and high pricing of quality infrastructure assets
  • Exploring the expectations of valuations for infrastructure assets
  • The influence of the large amounts of ‘dry powder’
  • What’s the impact of rising interest rate and rising bond yields on infrastructure?
  • Is aggressive bidding for infrastructure assets leading to “style drift”

Mark Hector, Portfolio Manager, Infrastructure, First State Super

Andrew Robinson, Investment Manager Infrastructure, Sunsuper


Panel discussion: Driving value through active asset management

  • Driving alpha and minimising risks through active asset management of infrastructure investment
  • Applying value-adding initiatives
  • Developing lean and effective processes for active management
  • Looking into best practice governance

Richard Hedley, Chief Investment Officer, State Super

Will Scott, Investment Manager Infrastructure, Commonwealth Superannuation Corporation

Trevor Speis, Director Private Markets Group, The OPSEU Pension Trust (OPTrust)

Ian Purdy, Portfolio Manager, Direct Property and Infrastructure, Accident Compensation Corporation


Panel discussion: Gaining exposure to infrastructure through direct investment vs. external managers

  • Building internal resources and capability to invest directly to infrastructure assets
  • Gaining access to high quality asset managers
  • Using a multi-manager approach
  • Overcoming the challenges of liquidity
  • Discussing the pros and cons of both approaches

David O’Sullivan, Chief Investment Officer, BUSSQ

Guy Rundle, Investment Manager, LGIA super

Jordan Kraiten, Head of Infrastructure, HOSTPLUS


Panel discussion: Comparing listed and unlisted infrastructure entities

  • Exploring appetite, concerns and performance for listed and unlisted infrastructure
  • Discussing valuations of listed infrastructure versus unlisted infrastructure
  • Analysing risk and return profiles
  • Diversified exposure to the infrastructure sector
  • Better alignment of interest between managers of unlisted assets and the asset owners through better liquidity provisions

Graeme Bibby, Chief Investment Officer, Mutual Trust

Justin Ginnivan, Director, Infrastructure and Timberlands, Future Fund

Sandra Lee, Manager Private Markets, UniSuper


Panel discussion: Applying environment, social and governance (ESG) factors in infrastructure for responsible investment

  • Analysing ESG risks of infrastructure projects
  • Integrating ESG factors into investment decisions
  • Applying collaborative initiatives to encourage responsible investment
  • The impact of ESG factors on long term performance

Lianne Buck, Head of Direct Investments and Infrastructure, NSW Treasury Corporation (TCorp)


A new vision for US opportunities in infrastructure investment

  • Looking into the impact of Trump presidency on infrastructure investment in the US
  • How will the US proposed Infrastructure spending program lead to opportunities for investors?
  • Making smart infrastructure choices