Workshop B: Workshop: Boosting your professional writing skills

Workshop B: Workshop: Strategic StorytellingBoosting your professional writing skills

 Friday 30th October – 1.00pm-4.00pm

Stories resonate with humans. They allow us to develop a deep connection with the content and characters that is based on emotion. This workshop will enable you to think visually, and develop your messaging and content in a way that is guaranteed to take your audience on a journey, becoming more susceptible to buying in to your ideas. Join us and uncover how to inspire action, empower teams, improve communication, and spread your ideas effectively.



  • A better understanding of how to define audiences/who your audience is, and how they learn/interpret information, engage and act.
  • A key message and ICB™ (Implied Consumer Benefit).
  • The ability to empower staff to communicate better in the workforce – increasing productivity, communication, and efficiency.
  • Opportunity to upskill, write with more impact, improve your ability to utilise career opportunities within your organisation or elsewhere.


Emma Bannister- CEO and Founder of Presentation Studio, APAC’s largest presentation agency.

Having built APACs largest presentation communication agency, Emma is passionate about changing presentation culture. Emma’s first book, a guide on Visual Thinking in Presentations has been received with wide acclaim.

Her impressive experience and industry-leading expertise had seen lives and businesses changed for the better.

Emma has helped executives communicate ideas and truly inspire change, start-ups raise funds, sales teams win billion dollar projects and charities raise awareness to life saving projects.

Her vision is to transform the culture of presentations by raising awareness and educating people on the foundations and benefits of presentation communication.