Workshop A: The and science of communicating with influence & persuasion

Post conference workshop A

The art and science of communicating with influence and persuasion

Friday 4th August 2017 – 0900-1200

 It is commonly accepted that one of the fundamental keys to success in business is exceptional communication skills. Communicating with clarity and precision gives you the power of influence and helps you achieve your professional goals.  In this half day workshop Louise will show you strategies and techniques that will make influencing people much easier. You will also be working out exactly how you do the things you are already good at and how to use what you know in a much wider variety of business situations.   It will boost confidence in your own skills and enable you to get results more easily. 

You will:

  • Find out how to influence upwards, sideways and down no matter what position you hold.
  • Find out how to read other people accurately.   You’ll be able to tell when they are receptive to your ideas and when to come back another day. 
  • Learn how to master influencing language – Learn what most people will never know.
  • Learn how to create a compelling argument that sells your idea for you
  • Learn from the experiences of others.
  • Share feedback, advice and  brainstorming experiences with others.
  • Learn how to feel a greater sense of  control over ‘difficult to control’ situations.

About your workshop leader: Louise Carter, Executive Director, Performance Partnership

Louise is a specialist in Coaching (over 1000 hours), Career Management and coaching, Leadership Development, Learning & Development, Organisational Development, Organisational Change, Human Resources and Talent Management. She has earned herself a reputation as a leading authority on Performance Excellence in Adults. Her successful career spans over 25 years and she currently combines her studies in psychology, neuro-science, coaching and leadership to work with organisations and their people to effect dramatic and sustainable behavioural and cultural change.

She is a qualified Career and Executive Coach, is a Master NLP Trainer, a qualified Instructional Designer and has written and contributed to books and articles on the link between psychology and physiology in relation to personal and professional success. She is studying an MBA currently.